AMD Ethernet / IEEE-802-3 Family 1990 World Network Data Book/ Handbook contains the following datasheets:
© 1990 Advanced Micro Devices


Product Data Sheets

Am7990 Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet (LANCE)

Am79C900 Integrated Local Area Communications Controller (ILACC)

Am7992B Serial Interface Adapter (SIA)

Am79C98 Twisted Pair Ethernet Transceiver (TPEX)

Am7996 IEEE-802.3 Ethernet/ Cheapernet Transceiver

Am79C980 Integrated Multiport Repeater (IMR)

Am7990 Technical Manual


Modifications Needed to Port LANCE Software to the ILACC 32 Bit Environment

Am7996 IEEE-802.3 (Ethernet/Cheapernet) Tranceiver

Development Tools

Ethneval5 Data Sheet

Ethneval5 User's Manual

Ethneval7 Data Sheet

Am7996EVAL Data Sheet

Am79C98EVAL Data Sheet

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