The SIEMENS Data Book 1980/81 ICs for Entertainment Electronics contains the following data sheets :

General Information ICs for Special TV Applications TBA1440G , TBA1441 Video IF IC for Black/White and Color TV Sets TDA5500 Video IF IC with VCR Connection TDA5600 , TDA5610 , TDA5611 Video IF IC with AFC TDA4260 AFC IC with Programmable Current Deviation TDA2840 Quasi-Parallel Sound IC TDA2841 Quasi-Parallel Sound IC with AFC TDA4280T , TDA4280U Quasi-Parallel Sound IC with FM IF TDA4281T Quasi-Parallel Sound IC with FM IF with sym. Input TBA120 , TBA120A FM IF Amplifier with Demodulator TBA120S , TBA120AS FM IF Amplifier with Demodulator TBA120T , TBA120U FM IF Amplifier and Demodulator TDA1048 Controlled AM Amplifier with Demodulator and AF Volume Control TDA2522 , TDA2530, TDA2560 System for Color Signal Processing in TV Receivers according to the PAL Standard TDA2522 Synchronous Demodulator Combination for PAL Color TV Receiver TDA2530 RGB Circuitry for Color TV Receivers TDA2560 Luminance and Chrominance Combination for PAL TV Receivers TDA2591 Horizontal Combination for TV Receivers TDA2593 Horizontal Combination with Improved Sancastle Pulse for TV Receivers TDA4600 Control IC for Switching Power Supplies TDA4610 East-West Correction Circuit UAA190 ICs for Onscreening of the Bargraph in Television Picture SDA4040 UHF/VHF Divider 1:256 SDA4041 UHF/VHF 1:256 with Preamplifier SDA100 Siemens Digital Tuning System (Frequency Synthesis) S0436 High Frequency Divider 1:64 S0437 Phase Locked Loop IC TBB1331A Operational Amplifier with Darlington Input SM564 Control Circuit for Frequency Synthesis in TV Sets SDA5650F 16x14 (16) Bit Nonvolatile Memory MOS Circuit SDA200 Siemens Digital Tuning System SDA2001 prescaler IC SDA2002 PLL IC SDA2003 controller SDA2004 display driver SDA2105 On-screen IC SDA2006 Nonvolatile memory SDA2007 IR remote control receiver SDA2008 remote control transmitter SDA2014 Led Display Driver including Cascade Connection SDA2105 Onscreen IC SDA2006 512-Bit Nonvolatile EAROM SDA2007 IR Remote Control System - Receiver SDA2008 IR Remote Contro System - Transmitter ICs for Special Broadcasting Applications S042P , S042E Mixers S041P , S041E FM IF Amplifiers with Demodulator TCA440 AM Receiver Circuit TDA1046 AM Receiver IC with demodulator TDA1047 FM IF Amplifier with Demodulator for Radio Receivers S054T AM Short-Wave Tuner IC for Superheterodyne Receivers TDA4200 FM IF IC for Car Radios S0280, S0281 , S551 , S552 System for the Reception of Road Traffic Transmitters S551 Message Decoder for FM Road Traffic Information Service SDA5690R , SDA5690C VHF Tuning Voltage Control SDA5650R 16x10 (12)Bit Nonvolatile Memory SDA5680A , SDA5680B Frequency Counter for LMS and VHF TCA4500A Stereo Decoder TCA4510 Stereo Decoder for Low-Voltage Operation S0282-2 Level Controller for Tape Recorders TDA2000 Stereo Equalizing Amplifier Signal Source Switch and AF Regulator ICs for general-purpose applications Infrared Remote Control System IR60 SAB3209 Infrared Remote Control System - Receiver /not for new design/ SAB4209 Infrared Remote Control System - Receiver SAB3210 Infrared Remote Control System - Transmitter SAB3211 , SAB3211Z Display - Decoder Driver SAB3271 Infrared Receiver with Parallel Outputs SDA3205 Infrared Remote Control System - Receiver SDA3206 Infrared Remote Control System - Transmitter TDA4050B Infrared Preamplifier SAS560S , SAS570S Switching Amplifier for 4-Channel Touch Tuning SAS580 , SAS590 Switching Amplifiers for 4-Channel Touch Tuning SAS5800 , SAS5900 Switching Amplifiers for 4 Channel Touch Tuning with Muting Pulse /not for new design/ SAS6800 Sequence Switch for 5 Channel Touch Tuning SAS6810 Sequence Switch for One Channel Touch Tuning TDA1037 , TDA1037D AF Power Amplifier IC with Thermal Shutdown TDA2003 AF Power Amplifier for Car Radios TDA2030 AF Power Amplifier for Radio and Television Receivers TDA3000 15W AF Power Amplifier with Short-Circuit Protection UAA170 , UAA170L Led Driver for Light Spot Displays /not for new design/ UAA180 LED Driver for Lignt Band Displays TDA4290 Tone Contro IC Packaging Information

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