Allegro Semiconductors AMS-500 Data Book includes the following Data Sheets

General information, device part numbering , selection Guide (PDF- 9 pages - 329Kb) Allegro Competitive Semiconductor Cross Reference in Alpha-Numerical Order (PDF, 185Kb) (Updated 07/13/02)
General Information and Product Index Device Part-Numbering Integrated Circuits and Transistor Arrays Selection Guide Cross Reference Competitive IC Part Numbering Peripheral Power & Display Driver ICs ULN2061 thru ULN2074 1.5A Darlington Switches UDN2540 Quad Darlington Power Driver UDN2543B Protected Quad Power Drivers UDN2544 Quad Darlington Power Driver UDN2547B Protected Quad Power Drivers UDN2549B Protected Quad Power Drivers UDN2580 , UDN2580LW , UDN2580A 8-Channel Source Drivers

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