Texas Instruments Programmable Logic Data Book 1988 contains the folling data sheets:

Glossary Explanation of function tables Series TIBPAL , PAL' , TIFPLA devices hardware/ Software manufacturers Data Sheets PAL16L8A, PAL16L8A-2, PAL16R4A, PAL16R4-2, PAL16R6A, PA16R6A-2, PAL16R8A, PAL16R8A-2 Standard High-speed PAL circuits PAL20L8A , PAL20R4A , PAL20R6A , PAL20R8A standard high-speed PAL Circuits TIBPAD16N8-7C high-performance programmable Address Decoder TIBPA18N8-6C high performance programmable address decoder / Nand Array TIBPAL16L8-12M , TIBPAL16R6-12M, TIBPAL16R6-12M , TIBPAL16R8-12M, TIBPAL16L8-10C, TIBPAL16R4-10C, TIBPAL16R6-10C, TIBPAL16R8-10C high performance IMPACT PAL circuits TIBPAL20L8 TIBPAL20R4 TIBPAL20R6 TIBPAL20R8 TIBPAL20L10 TIBPAL20X4 TIBPAL20X8 TIBPAL22V10C TIBPAL22V10AC TIBPALR19L8C TIBPALR19R4C TIBPALR19R8C TIBPLS506C TIBPSG507C TIB82S105BC TIB82S167BC TICPAL16V8 TICPAL22V10C Application Reports Designing with Texas Instruments Field-Programmable Logic How PAL Are Tested A Designer's Guide to the TIBPSG507 System Solutions for Static Column Decode Mechanical Data IC Sockets

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