ľA LINEAR 1982 Fairchild Linear Division Products contains the following data sheets:
Indices , Cross Reference and Order Information Voltage Regulators Voltage Regulator Testing ľA7800 Series 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator ľA78M00 Series 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator ľA78L00 Series 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator ľA109 , ľA209 , ľA309 5 Volt Regulator ľA7900 Series 3-Terminal Negative Voltage Regulator ľA79M00 Series 3-Terminal Negative Voltage Regulator ľA78G , ľA79G 4 Terminal Adjustable Voltage Regulators ľA78MG , ľA79MG 4 Terminal Adjustable Voltage Regulators ľA723 Precision Voltage Regulator ľA105 , ľA305 , ľA305A , ľA376 Voltage Regulators ľA117 , ľA217 , ľA317 3-Terminal Positive Adjustable Regulators ľA431 Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator ľA78S40 Universal Switching Regulator Subsystem ľA494 Pulse Width Modulated Control Circuit Hybrid Voltage Regulators ľA78H05 , ľA78H05A 5Volt 5-Amp Voltage Regulators ľA78P05 5-Volt 10-Amp Voltage Regulator ľA78H12A 5-Amp Voltage Regulator ľA78HGA Positive Adjustable 5-Amp Voltage Regulator ľA79HG 5A Negative Adjustable Voltage Regulator SH323 , SH223 , SH123 5V 3A Voltage Regulator SH1605 5A Efficient Switching Regulator Operational Amplifiers Testing Operational Amplifiers ľA709 High Performance Operational Amplifier ľA714 Precision Operational Amplifier ľA715 High-Speed Operational Amplifier ľA725 Instrumentation Operational Amplifier ľA739 , ľA749 Dual Audio Operational Amplifier / Preamplifier ľA741 Operational Amplifier ľA747 Dual Operational Amplifier ľA748 Operational Amplifier ľA759 Power Operational Amplifier ľA771 , ľA772 , ľA774 Operational Amplifier Family ľA776 Multi-Purpose Programmable Op Amp ľA791 Power Operational Amplifier ľA798 Dual Operational Amplifier ľA101A , ľA201A , ľA301A General Purpose Operational Amplifiers ľA107 , ľA207 , ľA307 General Purpose Operational Amplifiers ľA108/A , ľA208/A , ľA308/A Super Beta Operational Amplifiers ľA318 High-Speed Operational Amplifier ľA124 , ľA224 , ľA324 , ľA2902 Quad Operational Amplifiers ľA1458 , ľA1558 Dual Internally Compensated Operational Amplifiers ľA3303 , ľA3403 Quad Operational Amplifiers ľA4136 Quad Operational Amplifiers ľA710 High-Speed Differential Comparator ľA711 Dual High Speed Differential Comparator ľA734 Precision Voltage Comparator ľA760 High Speed Differential Comparator ľA111 , ľA311 Voltage Comparator ľA139, ľA239 , ľA339 , ľA2901 , ľA3302 Quad Comparators ľA193 , ľA293 , ľA293 , ľA2903 Low-Power , Low-Offset, Dual Comparators Interface ľA9614 Dual Differential Line Driver ľA9615 Dual Differential Line Receiver ľA9616 Triple EIA RS-232-C / MIL-STD-188C Line Driver ľA9627 , ľA9627C Triple RS-232-C / MIL-STD-188C Dual Line Receivers ľA9636A Dual Programmable Slew Rate Line Driver EIA RS-423 Driver ľA9637A Dual Differential Line Receiver ľA9638 Dual High-Speed Differential Line Driver (EIA-RS-422) ľA1488 RS-232C Quad Line Driver ľA1489 , ľA1489A RS-232C Quad Line Receivers ľA55/75107A , ľA75107B , ľA75108B Dual Line Receivers ľA55 / 75110A Dual Line Drivers ľA75150 Dual Line Driver ľA75154 RS-232C QUad Line Receiver ľA9640 , 26S10 Quad General-Purpose Bus Transceiver ľA3448A Quad Instrumentation Bus (GPIB) Transceiver ľA8T26A , ľA8T28 Quad 3-STate Bus Transceivers ľA9643 Dual TTL to Mos / CCD Driver ľA9645 / 3245 Quad TTL-toMOS / CCD Driver ľA9665 /6 / 7 / 8 High-Current Voltage Darlington Drivers ľA75450 / 60 / 70 Series Dual Peripheral Drivers ľA75491 , ľA75492 MOS to LED Segment and Digit Drivers ľA438 Serial Input LCD Driver Data Acquisition ľA9650 4-Bit Current Source ľA9706 8-Channel 12-Bit D/A Converters ľA9708 6-Channel 8-Bit ľP Compatible Converter ľA198 , ľA298 , ľA398 Monolithic Sample and Hold Amplifiers ľA565 Digital to Analog Converter ľA571 Analog to Digital Converter ľA0801 Series (DAC-08) 8-Bit Multiplying D/A Converters ľA802 (MC1508 /1408) Series 8-Bit Multiplying D/A Converter Telecommunications ľA3680 Quad Telephone Relay Driver ľA5116 , ľ255-Law Companding Codec ľA5151 ľ255-Low Companding Codec ľA5156 A-Law Companding Codec Special Functions ľA555 Single Timing Circuit ľA556 Dual Timing Circuit ľA726 Temperature-Controlled Differential Pair ľA727 Temperature-Controlled Differential Preamplifier ľA733 Differential Video Amplifier ľA757 Gain-Controlled IF Amplifier ľA2240 Programmable Timer/ Counter ľA3086 General-Purpose Transistor Array ľA7392 DC Motor Speed Control Circuit Hir Rel Processing Package Outlines

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