ULTRA LOGIC CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR Programmable Logic Data Book 1994/1995  contains the following data sheets :

General Information
- Cypress Semiconductor Background
- Static Memories Division
- Programmable logic Division
- Data Communications Division
- Computation Products Division
- Cypress Facilities - Cypress Process Technology Product Selector Guide : - PLDs - CPLDs
- Design and Programming tools
Product line Cross Reference - Cypress vs Altera
- Cypress vs AMD
- Cypress vs Atmel - Cypress vs Harris
- Cypress vs Intel
- Cypress vs Lattice
- Cypress vs MMI/AMD
- Cypress vs National
- Cypress vs QuickLogic - Cypress vs Texas Instruments Military Overview Small PLDs Introduction to Cypress PLDs PAL20 Series 16L8/16R8 16R6/16R4
PALC20 Series Reprogrammable CMOS PAL® C 16L8, 16R8, 16R6, 16R4
PALCE16V8 Flash Erasable Reprogrammable CMOS PAL® Device
PALCE20V8 Advanced information PLDC20G10B/PLDC20G10
PLD20G10C Generic 24-pin PAL® Device
PAL22V10G, PAL22VP10G Universal PAL® Device
CY7C331 CY7C332
CY7C258 , CY7C259 2K x16 Reprogrammmable State Machine PROM
CPLDs CY7C340 EPLD Family Mulitiple Array Matrix (MAX) High-Density EPLDs
CY7C341 , CY7C341B 192- Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C342 , CY7C342B 128- Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C343 , CY7C343B 64- Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C344 , CY7C344B 32- Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C346 , CY7C346B 128- Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C361 Ultra high speed State Machine EPLD
FLASH370 CPLD Family
CY7C371 32-Macrocell Flash CPLD CY7C372 64-Macrocell Flash CPLD CY7C373 64-Macrocell Flash CPLD CY7C374 128-Macrocell Flash CPLD CY7C375 128-Macrocell Flash CPLD CY7C376, CY7C377 192-Macrocell Flash CPLD FPGAs

pASIC380 Family Very high speed cmos FPGAs
CY7C381A , CY7C382A CY7C383A , CY7C384A CY7C385A , CY7C386A CY7C387A , CY7C388A Software

PLD, CPLD, and FPGA Development Tools Overview
Warp2 CY3120/CY3125 VHDL Compiler for PLDs, CPLDs, and FPGAs Warp3 CY3130/CY3135 VHDL Compiler for PLDs and FPGAs

Quality an Reliability
PLD Programming Information Power Characteristics of Cypess programmable logic products
Quality, Reliability, and Process Flows
Tape and Reel Specifications Package Diagrams Thermal Management and component Reliability
Package Diagrams Sales Representatives and Distributors

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