National Semiconductor Advanced Peripherals Real Time Clock Handbook 1989 contains the following Datasheets

TCP/RTC Family Comparisons DP8570A Timer Clock Peripheral (TCP) DP8571A Timer Clock Peripheral (TCP) DP8572A Real Time Clock (RTC) DP8573A Real Time Clock (RTC) MM58274C Microprocessor Compatible Real Time Clock MM58167A Microprocessor Real Time Clock Application Notes AN-353 MM58167A Real Time Clock Design Guide AN-365 The MM58274C Adds Reliable Real-Time Keeping to Any Microprocessor System AN-588 Calibration of the DP8570A Family AN-589 DP8570A Timer Clock Peripheral Test Mode and Test considerations AN-595 Flexible Timers on the DP8570A and DP8571A AB-43 Typical DP8570A Interface to the IBM PC/XT for the Purpose of Engineering Evaluation

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