The CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR BiCMOS , CMOS DATA BOOK contains the following data sheets :

SRAMS CY2147 4096 x 1 Static R/W RAM CY2148 / CY21L48 , CY2149 / CY21L49 1024 x 4 Static R/W RAM CY6116 2048 x8 Static R/W RAM CY6116A , CY6117A 2048 x8 Static R/W RAM CY7C101 , CY7C102 262144 x 4 Static R/W RAM with Separate I/O CY7C106 262144 x 4 Static R/W RAM CY7C107 1Mx1 Static R/W RAM CY7C108 , CY7C109 131072 x8 Static R/W RAM CY7C122 256x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C123 256x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C128 , CY7C128A 2048x8 Static R/W RAM CY7C120 / CY7C131 , CY7C140 / CY7C141 1024x8 Dual-Port Static RAM CY7C132 / CY7C136 , CY7C142 / CY7C146 2048x8 Dual-Port Static RAM CY7B134 , CY7B135 , CY7B1342 4Kx8 Dual-Port Static RAMs and 4Kx8 Dual-Port Static RAM with Semaphores CY7B138 , CY7B139 4Kx8 /9 Dual-Port Static RAM with Sem, Int, Busy CY7B144 , CY7B145 8Kx8 /9 Dual-Port Static RAM with Sem, Int, Busy CY7C147 4096x1 Static RAM CY7C148 , CY7C149 1024x4 Static RAM CY7C150 1024x4 Static R/W RAM CY7B153 , CY7B153 Expandable 65536x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C157A 16384x16 Static R/W Cache Storage Unit CY7B158 Self-Timed Pipelined Static RAM CY7B161 , CY7B162 16384x4 Static RAM Separate I/O CY7C161 , CY7C162 16384x4 Static R/W RAM Separate I/O CY7C161A , CY7C162A 16384x4 Static R/W RAM Separte I/O CY7B163 Expandable 256Kx1 Static R/W RAM with Separate I/O CY7B164 , CY7B166 16384x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C164A , CY7C166A 16384x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C167 / CY7C167A 16384x1 Static R/W RAM CY7C168 , CY7C169 4096x4 Static RAM CY7C170 4096x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C171 , CY7C172 4096x4 Static R/W RAM Separate I/O CY7C171A , CY7C172A 4096x4 Static R/W RAM Separate I/O CY7B173 , CY7B174 32768x9 Synchronous Cache R/W RAM CY7B180 , CY7B181 4Kx18 Cache Tag CY7C182 8192x9 Static R/W RAM CY7C183 , CY7C184 2x4096x16 Cache RAM CY7B185 , CY7B186 8Kx8 Static RAM CY7C185 , CY7C186 8192x8 Static R/W RAM CY7C185A , CY7C186A 8192x8 Static R/W RAM CY7C187 65536x1 STatic R/W RAM CY7C187A 65536x1 STatic R/W RAM CY7C189 , CY7C190 16x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C191 , CY7C192 64Kx4 Static R/W RAM with Separate I/O CY7B193 256Kx1 Static R/W RAM CY7B194 , CY7B195 , CY7B196 65536x4 Static R/W RAM CY7C197 256Kx1 Static R/W RAM CY7C198 , CY7C199 32768x8 Static R/W RAM CY7B199 32768x8 Static R/W RAM CY7C1001 , CY7C1002 256Kx4 Static R/W RAM with Separate I/O CY7C1009 128Kx9 Static R/W RAM CY7M194 64Kx4 SRAM Module CY74S189 , CY27LS03 , CY27S03 , CY27S07 16x4 Static R/W RAM CY93422A / 93L422A , CY93422 / 93L422 256x4 Static R/W RAM PROMS Introduction to CMOS PROMS CY7B201 Reprogrammable 128Kx8 Power-Down PROM CY7B210 Reprogrammable 64Kx16 Power-Down PROM CY7B211 Reprogrammable Registered PROM CY7C225 512x8 Registered PROM CY7C235 1024x8 Registered PROM CY7C245 Reprogrammable 2048x8 Registered PROM CY7C245A Reprogrammable 2048x8 Registered PROM CY7C251 , CY7C254 16384x8 PROM Power Switched and Reprogrammable CY7C258 , CY7C259 2Kx16 Reprogrammable State Machine PROM CY7C261 , CY7C263 , CY7C264 8192x8 Power-Switched and reprogrammable PROM CY7C265 8192x8 Registered PROM CY7C266 8192x8 PROM Power Switched and Reprogrammable CY7C268 , CY7C269 8192x8 Registered Diagnostic PROM CY7C270 Reprogrammable 16Kx16 Processor-Specific PROM CY7C271 , CY7C274 32768x8 PROM Power Switched and Reprogrammable CY7C272 Reprogrammable 16Kx16 Registered PROM CY7C273 16Kx16 Power Switched and Reprogrammable PROM CY7C275 Reprogrammable 16Kx16 Registered PROM CY7C276 16Kx16 Reprogrammable PROM CY7C277 , CY7C279 Reprogrammable 32Kx8 Registered PROM CY7C281 , CY7C282 1024x8 PROM CY7C285 , CY7C289 65536x8 Reprogrammable Fast Column Access PROM CY7C286 , CY7C287 65536x8 Reprogrammable Asynchronous/ Rgeistered PROMs CY7C291 , CY7C292 Reprogrammable 2048x8 PROM CY7C291A , CY7C292A , CY7C293A Reprogrammable 2Kx8 PROM PROM Programming Information PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) Introduction to Cypress PLDs PLDC18G8 CMOS Generic 20-Pin Programmable Logic Device PALC20 Series : PALC16L8 , 16R8, 16R6 , 16R4 PLDC20G10B / PLDC20G10 CMOS Generic 24-Pin Reprogrammable Device PLD20G10C Generic 24-Pin PAL Device PLDC20RA10 Reprogrammable Asynchronous CMOS Logic Device PALC22V10 Reprogrammable PAL Device PALC2210B Reprogrammable PAL Device PAL22V10C , PAL22VP10C Universal PAL Device PALC22V10D Flash Erasable Reprogrammable CMOS PAL Device CY7C325 Timing Control Unit CY7C330 CMOS Programmable Synchronous State Machine CY7C331 Asynchronous Registered EPLD CY7C332 Registerd Combinatorial EPLD CY7B333 General-Purpose Synchronous BiCMOS PLD CY7C335 Universal Synchronous EPLD CY7B336 6-ns BiCMOS PAL with Input Registers CY7B337 7-ns BiCMOS PAL with Input Registers CY7B338 6-ns BiCMOS PAL with Output Latches CY7B339 7-ns BiCMOS PAL with Output Latches CY7C340 EPLD Family - Multiple Aray MatriX High-Density EPLDs CY7C341 192-Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C342 128-MAcrocell MAX EPLDs CY7C343 64-Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C344 32-Macrocell MAX EPLD CY7C361 Ultra High Speed State Machine EPLD PLD610 Multipurpose BiCMOS PLD PLD Programming Information FIFOs CY3341 64x4 FIFO Serial Memory CY7C401 / CY7C403 , CY7C402 / CY7C404 Cascadeable 64x4 FIFO and 64x5 FIFO CY7C408A , CY7C409A Cascadeable 64x8 FIFO , Cascadeable 64x9 FIFO CY7C420 , CY7C421 Cascadeable 512x9 FIFO CY7C424 , CY7C425 Cascadeable 1Kx9 FIFO CY7C428 , CY7C429 Cascadeable 2Kx9 FIFO CY7C432 , CY7C433 Cascadeable 4Kx9 FIFO CY7C439 Bidirectional 2Kx9 FIFO CY7C441 , CY7C443 Clocked 512x9 2Kx9 FIFOs CY7C451 , CY7C453 Cascadeable Clocked 512x9 and Cascadeable Clocked 2Kx9 FIFOs with Programmable Flags CY7C460 , CY7C462 , CY7C464 Cascadeable 8Kx9 , 16Kx9 and 32Kx9 FIFO CY7C470 , CY7C472 , CY7C474 8Kx9 , 16Kx9 FIFO , 32Kx9 FIFO with Programmable Flags Logic CY2901C CMOS Four-Bit Slice CY2909A , CY2911A CMOS Micro Program Sequencers CY2910A CMOS Microprogram Controller CY7C510 16X16 Multiplier Accumulator CY7C516 , CY7C517 16x16 Multipliers CY7C901 CMOS Four-Bit Slice CY7C909 , CY7C911 CMOS Micro Program Sequencers CY7C910 CMOS Microprogram Controller CY7C9101 CMOS 16-Bit Slice CY7C9115 , CY7C9116 / CY7C9117 CMOS 16-Bit Microprogrammed ALU Communication Products CY7B921 / CY7B931 , CY7B922 / CY7V932 , CY7B923 / CY7B933 HOTLink Transmitter / Receiver CY7B991 , CY7B992 Programmable Skew Clock Buffer (PSCB) RISC Introduction to RISC CY7C601A 32-Bit RISC Processor CY7C602A Floating-Point Unit CY7C604A Cache Controller and Memory Management Unit CY7C605A Cache Controller and Memory Management Unit CY7C611A 32-Bit RISC Controller CY7C613 MBus Memory Controller CY7C614 MBus Peripheral I/O Controller CY7C615 Interrupt Controller CY7C616 Mbus to SBus Interface Controller CY7C617 Mbus-to-Video Graphics Controller CY7C618 SBus DMA Controller CYM6001K SPARCore CPU Module CYM6002K SPARCore Dual-CPU Module CYM6003K SPARCore CPU Module for Multiprocessing Modules Custom Module Capabilities CYM1240 256Kx4 RAM Module CYM1420 128Kx8 Static RAM Module CYM1422 128Kx8 Static RAM Module CYM1423 128Kx8 Static RAM Module CYM1441 256Kx8 Static RAM Module CYM1460 512Kx8 Static RAM Module CYM1461 512Kx8 Static RAM Module CYM1464 512Kx8 SRAM Module CYM1465 512Kx8 SRAM Module CYM1466 512Kx8 SRAM Module CYM1471 , CYM1481 1024Kx8 SRAM Module , 2048Kx8 SRAM Module CYM1540 256Kx9 Buffered SRAM Module with Separate I/O CYM1560 1024Kx9 Buffered SRAM Module with Separate I/O CYM1610 16Kx16 Static RAM Module CYM1611 16Kx16 Static RAM Module CYM1620 64Kx16 Static RAM Module CYM1621 64Kx16 Static RAM Module CYM1622 64Kx16 Static RAM Module CYM1624 64Kx16 SRAM Module CYM1641 256Kx16 Static RAM Module CYM1720 32Kx24 Static RAM Module CYM1730 64Kx24 Static RAM Module CYM1821 16Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1822 16Kx32 Static RAM Module with Separate I/O CYM1828 32Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1830 64Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1831 64Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1832 64Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1836 128Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1838 128Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1840 256Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1841 256Kx32 Static RAM Module CYM1911 16Kx68 SRAM Module CYM4210 , CYM4220 Cascadeable 8Kx9 , 16Kx9 FIFO CYM4241 64Kx9 FIFO CYM7232 , CYM7264 DRAM Controller Module /Advanced Information/ ECL CY10E301, CY100E301 Combinatorial ECL 16P8 Programmable Logic Device CY10E302 , CY100E302 Combinatorial ECL 16P4 Programmable Logic Device CY10E383 , CY101E383 ECL/TTL Translator and High-Speed Bus Driver CY10E422 , CY100E422 256x4 ECL Static RAM CY10E470 , CY100E470 4096x1 ECL Static RAM CY10E474 , CY100E474 1024x4 ECL Static RAM CY101E484 , CY10E484 , CY100E484 4096x4 ECL Static RAM CY10E494 , CY100E494 , CY101E494 16384x4 ECL Staic RAM BUS VIC068A VMEbus Interface Controller VAC068A VMEbus Address Controller VIC64 VMEbus Interface Controller with D64 Functionality CY7C964 Bus Interface Logic Circuit MILITARY Military Overview Military Product Selector Guide Military Ordering Information TOOLS CY3101 PLD ToolKit CY3102 Warp1 PLD Compiler CY3200 PLDS-MAX+PLUS Design System CY3210 PLS-EDIF Bidirectional Netlist Interface CY3220 MAX+PLUS II Design System CY3300 QuickPro II QUALITY Quality & Reliability Tape and Reel Specifications PACKAGES Thermal Management and Component Reliability Package Diagrams Module Package Diagrams

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