Intel Embedded Control Applications 1988 

includes the following data sheets:

MCS-48® Family Chapter 1 APPLICATION NOTES AP-24 Applications Techniques for MCS®-48 Family
AP-40 Keyboard/Display Scanning with Intel MCS®-48 Microcomputers
AP-49 Serial I/O and Math Utilities for the 8049 Microcomputers
AP-55 A High-Speed Emulator for Intel MCS®-48 Microcomputers
AP-91 Using the 8049 as a 80 Column Printer Controller MCS®-51 Family
Chapter 2
AP-69 An introduction to the Intel MCS®-51 Single-Chip Microcomputer Family AP-70 Using the Intel MCS®-51 Boolean Processing Capabilities
AP-223 8051 Based CRT Terminal Controller
AB-38 Interfacing the 82786 Graphic Coprocessor ti the 8051
AB-40 32-Bit Math Routines for the 8051
AB-12 Designing a Mailbox Memory for Two 80C31 Microcontrollers Using EPLDs
AP-252 Designing with the 80C51BH
AP-410 Enhanced Serial Port on the 83C51FA
AB-41 Software Serial Port Implemented with PCA Chapter 3
ARTICLES REPRINTS AR-522 8031's Counter Buys it a Bargain 16-Bit A-D Converter
AR-517 Using the 8051 with Resonant Transducers
AR-518 Software for digital filtering
AR-519 Software Links CRT with 8051's Serial Port
AR-520 Using Software to Realize Combinational Logic
AR-526 Analog/Digital Processing with Microcontrollers
AR-521 8052 Microcomputer Simplies FFT Design
AR-523 Unique I/O Expansion Techniques of the 8052 Microcontroller
AR-524 Using the Timer and Interrupt Structures of the 8052 in a Control Environment
AR-527 Build the Basic-52 Computer/Controller
AR-525 Build an Intelligent Serial EPROM Programmer
AR-409 Increased Functions in Chip Result in Lighter Less Costly Portable Computer
AR-516 Communications Controller Sports Flexible Serial Interface

80186/80188 FAMILY Chapter 4 APPLICATION NOTES
AP-186 Introduction to the 80186 Microprocessor
AP-258 High Speed Numerics with the 80186/80188 and 8087
AP-286 80186/80188 Interface to Intel Microcontrollers
AB-36 80186/80188 DMA Latency
AB-37 80186/80188 EFI Drive and Oscillator Operation
AB-31 The 80C186/80C188 Integrated Refresh Control Unit
AB-35 DRAM Refresh/Control with the 80186/188
AR-219 16-Bit µP Crams Peripheral Support on Chip
AR-321 High-Performance Event Interface for a Microcomputer
AR-324 Highly Integrated Processor Eases Design of Low Cost Display Station AR-413 Picture Phone Cuts Time and Cost in Teleconferencing
AR-443 Long-Distance Measurement and Control
AR-528 Build this R-E Robot MCS®-96 Family
Chapter 6
AP-248 Using the 8096
AP-275 An FFT Algorithm for the MCS®-96 Product Including Supporting Routines and Examples
AB-32 Upgrade Path from 8096-90 to 8096BH to 80C196
AB-33 Memory Expansion for the 8096
AP-406 MCS®-96 Analog Acquisition Primer Chapter 7 ARTICLE REPRINTS AR-515 A Single-Chip Image Processor
AR-530 New approach to Speed Control
AR-531 I/O Structures for Automotive Microcontrollers
AR-532 Flexible Servo System for Mechatronix Controller with a high Performance Microcontroller
AP-125 Designing Microcontroller Systems for Electrically Noisy Environments
AP-155 Oscillators for Microcontrollers Chapter 10 ARTICLES REPRINTS
AR-102 Designing Reliable Software for Automotive Applications AR-533 PC Layout Techniques for Minimizing Noise

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