MICROCHIP Non-volatile memory Products Data Book - The emerging World standard 1995/1996

contains the following data sheets :

Section 1 : Microchip Technology Inc. company profile Section 2: Non-Volatile memory product selection and cross reference Guides : - serial EEPROM - parallel EEPROMs - EPROM Section 3 : I2C serial EEPROM product specifications 24AA01 , 24AA02 1K/2K 1.8V CMOS Serial EEPROMs 24AA04 , 24AA08 4K/8K CMOS Serial EEPROMs 24AA16 16K 1.8V CMOS Serial EEPROM 24AA164 16K 1.8V Cascadable CMOS Serial EEPROM 24AA32 32K 1.8V CMOS Serial EEPROM 24LC01B / 24LC02B 1K/2K 2.5V CMOS Serial EEPROMs 24LC04B / 24LC08B 4K/8K 2.5V CMOS Serial EEPROMs 24LC16B / 24LC02B 16K 2.5V CMOS Serial EEPROM 24LC164 16K 2.5V CMOS Serial EEPROM 24LC32 32K 2.5V CMOS Serial EEPROM 24C01 , 24C02A , 24C04A 1K/2K/4K 5.0V CMOS serial EEPROMs 24C32 32K 5.0V CMOS Serial EEPROM 85C72 , 85C82 , 85C92 1K/2K/4K 5.0V CMOS Serial EEPROMs Section 4 Microwire® Serial EEPROM product specifications 93AA46 , 93AA56, 93AA66 1k/2K/4K 1.8V CMOS Serial EEPROMs
93LC46 , 93LC56, 93LC66 1k/2K/4K 2.0V CMOS Serial EEPROMs 93LC46B, 93LC56B, 93LC66B 1k/2K/4K 2.0V CMOS Serial EEPROMs 93C06 , 93C46 256 Bit/1K 5.0V CMOS Serial EEPROMs 93C56 , 93C66 2K/4K 5.0V CMOS Serial EEPROMs Section 5 Specialty serial EEPROM product specifications 24AA174 16K 1.8V Cascadable CMOS Serial EEPROM with OTP Security Page
24LC174 16K 2.5V Cascadable CMOS Serial EEPROM with OTP Security Page 24LC21 1K 2.5V Dual Mode CMOS Serial EEPROM
24AA65 64K 1.8V CMOS Smart Serial(tm) EEPROM 24LC65 64K 2.58V CMOS Smart Serial(tm) EEPROM 24C65 64K 5.0V CMOS Smart Serial(tm) EEPROM 59C11 1K 5.0V CMOS Serial EEPROM
93LCS56 , 93LCS66 2K/4K 2.5V CMOS Serial EEPROM with Software Write Protect Section 6 Parallel EEPROM Product Specifications 28C04A 4K (512x8) CMOS EEPROM 28C16A 16K(2Kx8) CMOS EEPROM 28C17A 16K(2Kx8) CMOS EEPROM 28C64A 64K(8Kx8) CMOS EEPROM Section 7 Eprom Product Specifications 27C64 64K(8Kx8) CMOS EPROM 27LV64 64K (8Kx8) Low-voltage CMOS EPROM 27C128 128K (8Kx8) CMOS EPROM 27C256 256K (32Kx8) CMOS EPROM 27HC256 256K (32Kx8) CMOS High Speed EPROM 27LV256 256K (32Kx8) Low-voltage CMOS EPROM 27HC1616 256K (16Kx16) High-Speed CMOS EPROM 27C512A 27C512 512K (64Kx8) CMOS EPROM 27LV512A 27C512 512K (64Kx8) Low-VoltageCMOS EPROM 37LV36 , 37LV65 , 37LV128 36K, 64K and 128K Serial EPROM Family Memory Products EPROM Programming Guide Section 8 Development Systems Microchip BBS Total Endurance Microchip Serial EEPROM Endurance Model Designer's Kit Microchip Serial EEPROM Designer's Kit Section 9 Shortform Catalog to Other Microchip Products Shortform Catalog to PIC16/17 8-Bit Microcontrollers PIC16C5X 8-Bit Microcontroller family :: Base-line Cost Effectiveness PIC16C6X PIC16C62X PIC16C8X PIC17C4X
Microcontroller Code Compaction ComparisonMicrocontroller Emulator Systems Other Logic Products- LCD Driver Shortform catalog to Application-Specific Standard Products TrueGauge(tm) Intelligent Battery Management
TrueGauge-tm) Development tools PC Pointing Devices Energy Management Devices PICSEE Family of microcontrollers with Serial EEPROM PICSEE Family Development Tools PICSEE Family Programmers Section 10 Quality, Reliability and endurance Section 11 Packaging Information Section12 Office locations

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