WSI Programmable Peripherals Design and Applications Handbook 1992 contains the following data sheets:

partial databook (PDF - 142 pages -4.42Mb)

General Information PSD3XX Family PSD301 PSD311
PSD313 Application Note 011 The PSD3XX Device Description
Application Note 013 The PSD301 Stramlinesa Microcontroller-based Smart Transmitter Design
Application Note 014 Using the PSD3XX PAD for System Logic Replacement
Application Note 016 Power Considerations in the PSD3XX
Application Note 018 Security of Design in the PSD3XX
Application Note 019 The PSD311 Simplifies an Eight Wire Cable Tester Design and Increases Flexibility

MAP168 MAP168 MAP168 introduction User-Configurable Peripheral with Memory
MAP168 DSP Peripheral with Memory Application Note 002 Introduction to the MAP168 User-configurable Peripheral with Memory Development Systems Electronic Bulletin Board
PSD-Gold/Silver Development System
WS6000 MagicProMemory and Programmable Peripheral Programmer Package Information Sales Representatives and Distributors

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