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Stagcom3 software to use with the Stag Solar programmer (108Kb - Shift Click to download) Stagcom3 only supports System 3000 & Solar

Stagcom+ (1.02) is also a Windows version, slightly later and dated 2003

StagCom95 (5.90.95) Windows version dated 2002

StagCom95 and StagCom+ support Eclipse, Orbit32, Orbit48, P301, P800, P801, P803 & Solar (Zip Archive - 8Kb) this archive contains file SOLAR1.DAT that can be used with Stagcom+ and StagCom95

The manual for them both is available here

stag solar manual

stagcom manual


SCOM 3 FILES FOR SOLAR Version 36.0 #AMD AM2716, AM9716/09E0E0, AM2732/09E0E1, AM2732B/09F0E1, AM27C64-XX P,D,X/09F0F2, AM27C64-XX J/19F0F2, AM27C128-XX P,D,X/09F0F3, AM27C128-XX J/19F0F3, AM27C256-XX P,D,X/09F0F4, AM27H256-XX D/09F0C4, AM27C256-XX J/19F0F4, AM27H256-XX J/19F0C4, AM28F256-XX D,P/09FFE4, AM28F256A-XX D,P/09EFE4, AM28F256-XX J/19FFE4, AM28F256A-XX J/19EFE4, AM27C512(L)-XX D,P,X/09F0F5, AM27C512(L)-XX J/19F0F5, AM28F512-XX D,P/09FFE5, AM28F512A-XX P/09EFE5, AM28F512-XX J/19FFE5, AM28F512A-XX J/19EFE5, AM29F010-XX P/09FF76, AM29F010-XX J/19FF76, AM27C010-XX P,D,X/09F0F6, AM27H(B)010-XX D,X,P/09F0C6, AM27C010-XX J/19F0F6, AM27H(B)010-XX J/19F0C6, AM28F010-XX D,P/09FFE6, AM28F010A-XX D,P/09EFE6, AM28F010-XX J/19FFE6, AM28F010A-XX J/19EFE6, AM27C100-XX D,P/09FFF6, AM27C020-XX D,P,X/09F0F7, AM27C020-XX J/19F0F7, AM28F020-XX D,P/09FFE7, AM28F020A-XX D,P/09EFE7, AM28F020-XX J/19FFE7, AM28F020A-XX J/19EFE7, AM29F040-XX D,P/09FF78, AM29F040-XX J/19FF78, AM27C040-XX D,X,P/09F0F8, AM27C040-XX J/19F0F8, AM27C080-XX D,P/09F0F9, AM27C080-XX J/19F0F9, AM29F100B-XX E,F/89FF50, AM29F100B-XX S/39FF50, AM29F100T-XX E,F/89FF51, AM29F100T-XX S/39FF51, AM27C1024-XX D,P,Q/09F0D6, AM27C1024-XX J/19F0D6, AM27C2048-XX D,P,Q/09F0D7, AM27C2048-XX J/19F0D7, AM29F200(A)B-XX E,F/89FF52, AM29F200(A)B-XX S/39FF52, AM29F200(A)T-XX E,F/89FF53, AM29F200(A)T-XX S/39FF53, AM27C4096-XX D/09F0D8, AM27C4096-XX J/19F0D8, AM27C400-XX D/09FFD8, AM29F400(A)B-XX E,F/89FF54, AM29F400(A)B-XX S/39FF54, AM29F400(A)T-XX E,F/89FF55, AM29F400(A)T-XX S/39FF55, AM29F800B-XX E,F/89FF96, AM29F800B-XX S/39FF96, AM29F800T-XX E,F/89FF97, AM29F800T-XX S/39FF97, AM27C800-XX D,P/09FFD9, D8751H-XX/09FA18, D87C51-XX/09FA08, N87C51-XX/19FA08, D8753H-XX/09FA19, D87C521-XX/09FA0D, N87C521-XX/19FA0D, D87C541-XX/09FA0E, N87C541-XX/19FA0E, AM27C191,291 D,P/09FFB6, AM27C49-XX D,P/09FFB8, AM27C51-XX D,P/09FFB9, . #AMD/VANTIS PALCE16V8H/Q/Z-XX P/09F009, PALCE16V8H/Q/Z-XX J/19F009, PALCE16V8 P AS 10H8/09F020, PALCE16V8 P AS 10L8/09F025, PALCE16V8 P AS 10P8/09F018, PALCE16V8 P AS 12H6/09F021, PALCE16V8 P AS 12L6/09F026, PALCE16V8 P AS 12P6/09F017, PALCE16V8 P AS 14H4/09F022, PALCE16V8 P AS 14L4/09F027, PALCE16V8 P AS 14P4/09F016, PALCE16V8 P AS 16H2/09F023, PALCE16V8 P AS 16H8/09F035, PALCE16V8 P AS 16L2/09F028, PALCE16V8 P AS 16L8/09F029, PALCE16V8 P AS 16P2/09F014, PALCE16V8 P AS 16P8/09F038, PALCE16V8 P AS 16R4/09F032, PALCE16V8 P AS 16R6/09F031, PALCE16V8 P AS 16R8/09F030, PALCE16V8 P AS 16RP4/09F013, PALCE16V8 P AS 16RP6/09F012, PALCE16V8 P AS 16RP8/09F011, PALCE16V8 J AS 10H8/19F020, PALCE16V8 J AS 10L8/19F025, PALCE16V8 J AS 10P8/19F018, PALCE16V8 J AS 12H6/19F021, PALCE16V8 J AS 12L6/19F026, PALCE16V8 J AS 12P6/19F017, PALCE16V8 J AS 14H4/19F022, PALCE16V8 J AS 14L4/19F027, PALCE16V8 J AS 14P4/19F016, PALCE16V8 J AS 16H2/19F023, PALCE16V8 J AS 16H8/19F035, PALCE16V8 J AS 16L2/19F028, PALCE16V8 J AS 16L8/19F029, PALCE16V8 J AS 16P2/19F014, PALCE16V8 J AS 16P8/19F038, PALCE16V8 J AS 16R4/19F032, PALCE16V8 J AS 16R6/19F031, PALCE16V8 J AS 16R8/19F030, PALCE16V8 J AS 16RP4/19F013, PALCE16V8 J AS 16RP6/19F012, PALCE16V8 J AS 16RP8/19F011, PALCE20V8H/Q-XX P/09F069, PALCE20V8H/Q-XX J/19F069, PALCE20V8 P AS 14H8/09F100, PALCE20V8 P AS 14L8/09F051, PALCE20V8 P AS 14P8/09F072, PALCE20V8 P AS 16H6/09F102, PALCE20V8 P AS 16L6/09F052, PALCE20V8 P AS 16P6/09F073, PALCE20V8 P AS 18H4/09F104, PALCE20V8 P AS 18L4/09F053, PALCE20V8 P AS 18P4/09F074, PALCE20V8 P AS 20H2/09F106, PALCE20V8 P AS 20H8/09F107, PALCE20V8 P AS 20L2/09F054, PALCE20V8 P AS 20L8/09F056, PALCE20V8 P AS 20P2/09F075, PALCE20V8 P AS 20P8/09F108, PALCE20V8 P AS 20R4/09F059, PALCE20V8 P AS 20R6/09F058, PALCE20V8 P AS 20R8/09F057, PALCE20V8 P AS 20RP4/09F109, PALCE20V8 P AS 20RP6/09F110, PALCE20V8 P AS 20RP8/09F111, PALCE20V8 J AS 14H8/19F100, PALCE20V8 J AS 14L8/19F051, PALCE20V8 J AS 14P8/19F072, PALCE20V8 J AS 16H6/19F102, PALCE20V8 J AS 16L6/19F052, PALCE20V8 J AS 16P6/19F073, PALCE20V8 J AS 18H4/19F104, PALCE20V8 J AS 18L4/19F053, PALCE20V8 J AS 18P4/19F074, PALCE20V8 J AS 20H2/19F106, PALCE20V8 J AS 20H8/19F107, PALCE20V8 J AS 20L2/19F054, PALCE20V8 J AS 20L8/19F056, PALCE20V8 J AS 20P2/19F075, PALCE20V8 J AS 20P8/19F108, PALCE20V8 J AS 20R4/19F059, PALCE20V8 J AS 20R6/19F058, PALCE20V8 J AS 20R8/19F057, PALCE20V8 J AS 20RP4/19F109, PALCE20V8 J AS 20RP6/19F110, PALCE20V8 J AS 20RP8/19F111, . #ATMEL AT28C04(E,F)-XX D,P/0FEFCA, AT28C16(E,F)-XX D,P/0FFFC0, AT28C16-XX D,P/0FEFC0, AT28C17(E,F)-XX D,P/0FFFCC, AT28C17-XX D,P/0FEFCC, AT28C64(E,F)-XX D,P/0FEEC2, AT28C64-XX D,P/0FEFC2, AT28PC64(E)-XX D,P/0FFEC2, AT28C64B-XX D,P/0FFFC2, AT28C64B-XX J/1FFFC2, AT28C256(E)-XX D,P/0FEFC4, AT28C256F-XX D,P/0FFFC4, AT28C010-XX B/0FFFC6, AT28C1024-XX B/0FFDD6, AT27HC64(L)-XX D,P/0FE0C2, AT27C128-XX D,P/0FE0F3, AT27C128-XX J/1FE0F3, AT29LV256-XX D,P/0FFFEA, AT29LV256-XX J/1FFFEA, AT27C256-XX D,P/0FE0F4, AT27C256R-XX D,P/0FF0F4, AT27HC256(L)-XX D,P/0FE0C4, AT27HC256R(L)-XX D,P/0FF0C4, AT27LV256R-XX D,P/0FFF34, AT27C256-XX J/1FE0F4, AT27C256R-XX J/1FF0F4, AT27HC256(L)-XX J/1FE0C4, AT27HC256R(L)-XX J/1FF0C4, AT27LV256R-XX J/1FFF34, AT29C257-XX D,P/0FFFE4, AT29C257-XX J/1FFFE4, AT29C256-XXD,P/0FFFE0, AT29C256-XXJ/1FFFE0, AT29LV512-XX D,P/0FFFEB, AT29LV512-XX J/1FFFEB, AT27C512-XX D,P/0FE0F5, AT27C512R-XX D,P/0FF0F5, AT27LV512R-XX D,P/0FFF35, AT27C512-XX J/1FE0F5, AT27C512R-XX J/1FF0F5, AT27LV512R-XX J/1FFF35, AT27C513-XX D,P/0FEEF5, AT27C513R-XX D,P/0FFEF5, AT27C513-XX J/1FEEF5, AT27C513R-XX J/1FFEF5, AT29C512-XX D,P/0FFFE5, AT29C512-XX J/1FFFE5, AT29LV010-XX D,P/0FFFEC, AT29LV010-XX J/1FFFEC, AT27C010(L)-XX D,J/0FF0F6, AT27LV010-XX D,P/0FFF36, AT27C010(L)-XX J/1FF0F6, AT27LV010-XX J/1FFF36, AT27C011-XX D,P/0FFEF6, AT27C011-XX J/1FFEF6, AT29C010-XX D,P/0FFFE6, AT29C010A-XX D,P/0FEFE6, AT29C010A-XX T/8FEFE6, AT29C010-XX J/1FFFE6, AT29C010A-XX J/1FEFE6, AT29LV020-XX D,P/0FFFED, AT27C020-XX D,P/0FF0F7, AT27LV020-XX D,P/0FFF37, AT27C020-XXJ/1FF0F7, AT27LV020-XX J/1FFF37, AT29C020-XX D,P/0FFFE7, AT29C020-XX J/1FFFE7, AT29LV040-XX D,P/0FFFEE, AT29LV040A-XX D,P/0FEFEE, AT27C040-XX D,P/0FF0F8, AT27LV040-XX D,P/0FFF38, AT27C040-XX J/1FF0F8, AT27LV040-XX J/1FFF38, AT29C040-XX D,P/0FFFE8, AT29C040A-XX D,P/0FEFE8, AT27C080-XX D,P/0FF0F9, AT27LV080-XX D,P/0FFF39, AT27C516-XX D,P/0FE0D5, AT32C16-XXPC,PI/0FF0D5, AT27C516-XX J/1FE0D5, AT27C1024(L)-XX D,P/0FF0D6, AT27HC1024-XX D/0FF0B6, AT27LV1024-XX D,P/0FFF40, AT27C1024(L)-XX J/1FF0D6, AT27HC1024-XX J/1FF0B6, AT27LV1024-XX J/1FFF40, AT29C1024-XX J/1FFFAA, AT27C4096-XX D,P/0FF0D8, AT27LV4096-XX D,P/0FFF42, AT27C4096-XX J/1FF0D8, AT27LV4096-XX J/1FFF42, AT89C51 D,P/0FFA00, AT89LV51-XXPC/0FEA00, AT89C51 J/1FFA00, AT89LV51-XX J/1FEA00, AT89C52-XX D,P/0FFA01, AT89LV52-XXP/0FEA01, AT89C52-XX J/1FFA01, AT89LV52-XXJ/1FEA01, AT89S8252-XX PC/0FFA0D, AT89S8252-XX JC/1FFA0D, AT89C55-XX P/0FFA0E, AT89C55-XX J/1FFA0E, . #CATALYST CAT28C16A (I)-XX D,P/0D7FC0, CAT28C64A-XX D,P/0D7FC2, CAT28C64B/65B D,P/0D7EC2, CAT28C64B/65B N/1D7EC2, CAT28C256(I)-XX D,P/0D7FC4, CAT2764A D/0D70E2, CAT27128A D/0D70E3, CAT27256 D/0D70E4, CAT27512 D/0D70E5, CAT28F010-XX D/0D7FE6, CAT29F010-XX P/0D6FE6, CAT28F010-XX N/1D7FE6, CAT28F020(I)-XX P/0D7FE7, CAT28F020(I)-XX N/1D7FE7, CAT27C210-XX D/0D70D6, CAT27C210-XX N/1D70D6, . #CYPRESS CY27C128-XX P,W/02F0F3, CY27C128-XX J/12F0F3, CY27C256-XX P,W/02F0F4, CY27C256A-XX P,W/02F0E4, CY27C256-XX J/12F0F4, CY27C256A-XX J/12F0E4, CY27C512-XX D,W/02F0E5, CY27C512-XX J/12F0E5, CY27H010-XX P,W/02C0F6, CY27H010-XX J/12C0F6, CY7C291A/2A/3A D,P/02EFB6, CY7C261/3/4-XX D,P,W/02FFB8, CY7C271-XX D,P/02FFBA, . #DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR DS1225/0089F2, DS1386 08-XX/0089E2, DS1644/0089A4, DS1230Y/AB/0089F4, DS1386 32-XX/0089E4, DS87C520-M/008A02, DS87C520-Q/108A02, . #EXEL XL2816A P/006EC0, XL28C16A P/006FC0, XL28C16B P/007FC0, XL2864A P/006EC2, XL28C64 P/006FC2, XL28C64 D/106FC2, XL28C64A D/106EC2, XL28C64B P/007FC2, XL28C64B D/107FC2, XL28F010 P/007FE6, XL28F010 D/107FE6, XL28F020 P/007FE7, XL28F020 D/107FE7, . #FUJITSU MBM2716(H)/0AE0E0, MBM27C32A/0AE0F1, MBM2764-XX Z/0AE0E2, MBM27C64-XXZ/0AE0F2, MBM27128-XX Z/0AE0E3, MBM27C128-XX Z/0AE0F3, MBM27256-XX Z/0AE0E4, MBM27C256A-XX Z/0AE0F4, MCM27C512-XX Z/0AE0F5, MCM27C1001-XX Z/0AE0F6, MBM28F010-XX/0AFFE6, MBM27C1000-XX Z/0AEFF6, MBM29F040A-XX P/0AFF78, MBM29F040A-XX PD/1AFF78, MBM27C4001-XX/0AE0F8, MCM27C1024-XX Z/0AE0D6, MBM27C2048-XX/0AF0D7, MBM29F200B(A) PF/3AFF52, MBM29F200B(A) PFTN/R/8AFF52, MBM29F200T(A) PF/3AFF53, MBM29F200T(A) PFTN/R/8AFF53, MSM27C4096-XX Z/0AF0D8, MBM29F400B(A) PFTN/R/8AFF54, MBM29F400B(A)-XX PF/3AFF54, MBM29F400T(A) PF/3AFF55, MBM29F400T(A) PFTN/R/8AFF55, MBM29F800B-XX PF/3AFF96, MBM29F800B-XX PFTN/R/8AFF96, MBM29F800T-XX PF/3AFF97, MBM29F800T-XX PFTN/R/8AFF97, . #HITACHI HN58C65P-XX/0BFFC2, HN58C256P-XX/0BFFC4, HN462716/0BE0E0, HN462732(G)-X/0BE0E1, HN27C256AG-XX/0BF0F4, HN27C256HG-XX/0BE0F4, HN27512 G,P -XX/0BE0E5, HN27C512G-XX/0BE0F5, HN27C101 G,P -XX/0BE0F6, HN27C101A G,P -XX/0BF0F6, HN28F101P-XX/0BFFE6, HN28F101CP-XX/1BFFE6, HN27C301(A)G-XX/0BFFF6, HN27C4001G-XX/0BF0F8, HN27C1024HG-XX/0BF0D6, HN27C1024HCC-XX/1BF0D6, HN27C4096G-XX/0BF0D8, HN27C4096CC-XX/1BF0D8, HN27C4000G-XX/0BFFD8, HD6475328CP/1BFA42, HD6475348CP/1BFA40, HD6475368CP/1BFA41, . #ICT 27CX256C-XX/0960F4, 27CX010C-XX/0960F6, PEEL22CV10A+-XX P,C/097181, PEEL22CV10A-XX P,C/097070, PEEL22CV10Z-XX P,C/096181, PEEL22CV10-XX P,C/096070, . #INTEL D2716-XX/06E0E0, D2732/06F0E1, D2732A-XX/06E0E1, D2764A-XX/06E0E2, D27128A/06E0E3, D27128B/06E0F3, D27C128/06F0F3, D27C64/06F0F2, D27256-XX/06E0E4, D27C256-XX/06F0F4, D87C257/06F0A5, P27256-XX/06F0E4, P27C256-XX/16F0F4, P28F256A-XX/06FFE4, N28F256A-XX/16FFE4, D27512-XX/06E0E5, D27C512-XX/06F0F5, N27C512/16F0F5, D27C513/06FEF5, P28F512-XX/06FFE5, N28F512-XX/16FFE5, D27C010-XX/06F0F6, D27C010A/06F0C6, N27C010-XX/16F0F6, D27C011/06FEF6, P28F001BX-BXXX/06FFA0, P28F001BX-TXXX/06FFA1, P28F010-XX/06FFE6, N28F001BX-BXXX/16FFA0, N28F001BX-TXX/16FFA1, N28F010-XX/16FFE6, D27C100-XX/06FFF6, D27C020-XX/06F0F7, N27C020-XX/16F0F7, P28F020-XX/06FFE7, N28F020-XX/16FFE7, E,F 28F002BL-B/86EFA2, E,F 28F002BL-T/86EFA3, E,F 28F002BV-B/86DFA2, E,F 28F002BV-T/86DFA3, E,F 28F002BX-B/86FFA2, E,F 28F002BX-T/86FFA3, D27C040-XX/06F0F8, E,F 28F004BL-B/86EFA4, E,F 28F004BL-T/86EFA5, E,F 28F004BV-B/86DFA4, E,F 28F004BV-T/86DFA5, E,F 28F004BX-B/86FFA4, E,F 28F004BX-T/86FFA5, E,F 28F008SA/86FF89, PA28F008SA/36FF89, D27C210-XX/06F0D6, N27C210-XX/16F0D6, D27C220-XX/06F0D7, N27C220-XX/16F0D7, E,F 28F200BL-B/86EF92, E,F 28F200BL-T/86EF93, E,F 28F200BV-B/86DF92, E,F 28F200BV-T/86DF93, E,F 28F200BX-B/86FF92, E,F 28F200BX-T/86FF93, E,F 28F200CV-B/F6DF92, E,F 28F200CV-T/F6DF93, PA28F200BL-B/36EF92, PA28F200BL-T/36EF93, PA28F200BV-B/36DF92, PA28F200BV-T/36DF93, PA28F200BX-B/36FF92, PA28F200BX-T/36FF93, D27C240-XX/06F0D8, D27C400-XX/06FFD8, E,F 28F400BL-B/86EF94, E,F 28F400BL-T/86EF95, E,F 28F400BV-B/86DF94, E,F 28F400BV-T/86DF95, E,F 28F400BX-B/86FF94, E,F 28F400BX-T/86FF95, E,F 28F400CV-B/F6DF94, E,F 28F400CV-T/F6DF95, PA28F400BL-B/36EF94, PA28F400BL-T/36EF95, PA28F400BV-B/36DF94, PA28F400BV-T/36DF95, PA28F400BX-B/36FF94, PA28F400BX-T/36FF95, DA28F016SA/SV-XX/36FF8A, D8741A/06EA1E, D8748H/06FA10, D8749H/06FA11, D8751BH/06FA08, N8751BH/16FA08, D8751H/06EA08, D87C51/06FA00, N87C51/16FA00, D8752BH/06FA09, N8752BH/16FA09, D87C51FA/06FA01, D87C52/06FA1C, N87C51FA/16FA01, N87C51RA/16FADA, N87C52/16FA1C, D87C51FB/06FA02, D87C54/06FA1A, N87C51FB/16FA02, N87C51RB/16FADB, N87C54/16FA1A, D87C51FC/06FA03, D87C58/06FA1B, N87C51FC/16FA03, N87C51RC/16FADC, N87C58/16FA1B, CJ/N87C196KB/16FA26, R87C196KB/26FA26, S87C196KB/76FA26, CJ/N87C196KC/16FA27, . #ISSI IS27HC256-XX CW,W/0040F4, IS27HC256-XX PL/1040F4, IS27HC512-XX CW,W/0040F5, IS27HC512-XX PL/1040F5, IS27HC010-XX CW,W/0040F6, IS27HC010-XX PL/1040F6, IS28F010-XX W/004FE6, IS28F010-XX PL/104FE6, . #LATTICE GAL16V8 family P/076009, GAL16V8 family J/176009, GAL16V8 P AS 10H8/076020, GAL16V8 P AS 10L8/076025, GAL16V8 P AS 10P8/076018, GAL16V8 P AS 12H6/076021, GAL16V8 P AS 12L6/076026, GAL16V8 P AS 12P6/076017, GAL16V8 P AS 14H4/076022, GAL16V8 P AS 14L4/076027, GAL16V8 P AS 14P4/076016, GAL16V8 P AS 16H2/076023, GAL16V8 P AS 16H8/076035, GAL16V8 P AS 16L2/076028, GAL16V8 P AS 16L8/076029, GAL16V8 P AS 16P2/076014, GAL16V8 P AS 16P8/076038, GAL16V8 P AS 16R4/076032, GAL16V8 P AS 16R6/076031, GAL16V8 P AS 16R8/076030, GAL16V8 P AS 16RP4/076013, GAL16V8 P AS 16RP6/076012, GAL16V8 P AS 16RP8/076011, GAL16V8 J AS 10H8/176020, GAL16V8 J AS 10L8/176025, GAL16V8 J AS 10P8/176018, GAL16V8 J AS 12H6/176021, GAL16V8 J AS 12L6/176026, GAL16V8 J AS 12P6/176017, GAL16V8 J AS 14H4/176022, GAL16V8 J AS 14L4/176027, GAL16V8 J AS 14P4/176016, GAL16V8 J AS 16H2/176023, GAL16V8 J AS 16H8/176035, GAL16V8 J AS 16L2/176028, GAL16V8 J AS 16L8/176029, GAL16V8 J AS 16P2/176014, GAL16V8 J AS 16P8/176038, GAL16V8 J AS 16R4/176032, GAL16V8 J AS 16R6/176031, GAL16V8 J AS 16R8/176030, GAL16V8 J AS 16RP4/176013, GAL16V8 J AS 16RP6/176012, GAL16V8 J AS 16RP8/176011, GAL18V10/B-XX P/076226, GAL18V10/B-XX J/176226, GAL20V8 family P/076069, GAL20V8 family J/176069, GAL20V8 P AS 14H8/076100, GAL20V8 P AS 14L8/076051, GAL20V8 P AS 14P8/076072, GAL20V8 P AS 16H6/076102, GAL20V8 P AS 16L6/076052, GAL20V8 P AS 16P6/076073, GAL20V8 P AS 18H4/076104, GAL20V8 P AS 18L4/076053, GAL20V8 P AS 18P4/076074, GAL20V8 P AS 20H2/076106, GAL20V8 P AS 20H8/076107, GAL20V8 P AS 20L2/076054, GAL20V8 P AS 20L8/076056, GAL20V8 P AS 20P2/076075, GAL20V8 P AS 20P8/076108, GAL20V8 P AS 20R4/076059, GAL20V8 P AS 20R6/076058, GAL20V8 P AS 20R8/076057, GAL20V8 P AS 20RP4/076109, GAL20V8 P AS 20RP6/076110, GAL20V8 P AS 20RP8/076111, GAL20V8 J AS 14H8/176100, GAL20V8 J AS 14L8/176051, GAL20V8 J AS 14P8/176072, GAL20V8 J AS 16H6/176102, GAL20V8 J AS 16L6/176052, GAL20V8 J AS 16P6/176073, GAL20V8 J AS 18H4/176104, GAL20V8 J AS 18L4/176053, GAL20V8 J AS 18P4/176074, GAL20V8 J AS 20H2/176106, GAL20V8 J AS 20H8/176107, GAL20V8 J AS 20L2/176054, GAL20V8 J AS 20L8/176056, GAL20V8 J AS 20P2/176075, GAL20V8 J AS 20P8/176108, GAL20V8 J AS 20R4/176059, GAL20V8 J AS 20R6/176058, GAL20V8 J AS 20R8/176057, GAL20V8 J AS 20RP4/176109, GAL20V8 J AS 20RP6/176110, GAL20V8 J AS 20RP8/176111, GAL20RA10/B-XX P/076077, GAL20RA10/B-XX J/176077, GAL22V10 family P/076070, GAL22V10 family J/176070, . #MACRONIX MX27C256DC/PD-XX/0030F4, MX27L256DC/PC-XX/003F34, MX27L256QC-XX/103F34, MX27C512DC/PC/MC-XX/0030F5, MX27L512DC/PC-XX/003F35, MX27L512QC-XX/103F35, MX27C1000DC/PC-XX/0030F6, MX27L1000-XX DC,PC/003F36, MX28F1000PC-XX/003FE6, MX28F1000QC-XX/103FE6, MX27C1001DC/PC-XX/003FF6, MX27C2000DC/PC-XX/0030F7, MX27C2000QC-XX/1030F7, MX27C4000DC/PC-XX/0030F8, MX27L4000DC/PC-XX/003F38, MX27C4000QC-XX/1030F8, MX27L4000QC-XX/103F38, MX28F4000PC-XX/003FE8, MX27C1024DC/PC-XX/0030D6, MX27C2048DC/PC-XX/0030D7, MX27C4096DC/PC-XX/0030D8, MX27C4100DC/PC-XX/003FD8, MX27C4111DC/PC-XX/003FD2, MX27C8100 D,P/003FD9, . #MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY 28C04A(F)-XX(I) J,P/002FCA, 28C16A(F)-XX(I) J,P/002FC0, 28C17A(F)-XX(I) J,P/002FCC, 28C64A(F)-XX(I) J,P/002FC2, 28C256-XX(I) J,D,P/002FC4, 27C64-XXX/K,P/0020F2, 27HC64-XXX/J, P/0020C2, 27C64-XXX/L/1020F2, 27HC64-XXX/L/1020C2, 27C128-XXX/J,P/0020F3, 27C128-XXX/L/1020F3, 27C256-XXX/J, P/0020F4, 27HC256(L)-XXX/J, P/0020C4, 27C256-XXX/K/1020F4, 27HC256(L)-XX/L/1020C4, 27C512-XXX/J, P/0020F5, 27C512-XXX/L/1020F5, 27HC1616-XXX/J,P/0020D4, 27HC1616-XXX/L/1020D4, PIC16C52 /P/002D16, PIC16C554 /P/002D1F, PIC16C54(A)/002D00, PIC16C55/002D02, PIC16CR54 /P/002D0B, PIC16C556 /P/002D20, PIC16C711 /P/002D1C, PIC16C56/002D01, PIC16C72 /P/002D19, PIC16C558 /P/002D21, PIC16C57/002D03, PIC16C58A /P/002D0A, PIC16C63 /P/002D18, PIC16C620 /P/002D0F, PIC16C710 /P/002D17, PIC16C61 /P/002D0E, PIC16C621 /P/002D10, PIC16C71 /JW /P/002D04, PIC16C62 /P/002D12, PIC16C64 /P/002D06, PIC16C73 /P/002D14, PIC16C65 /P/002D13, PIC16C74 /P/002D15, PIC16C622 /P/002D11, PIC16C84 /P/002D05, . #MICRON TECHNOLOGY MT28F200SG-XB/3F4F92, MT28F200SG-XT/3F4F93, MT28F200VG-XB/8F4F92, MT28F200VG-XT/8F4F93, . #MITSUBISHI M5M27C256AK-I/0DE0F4, M5M27C512AK-I/0DE0F5, M5M27C101K-XX/0DF0F6, M5M27C101JK-XX/1DF0F6, M5M28F101AVP/RV -XX/8DEFE6, M5M28F101P-XX/0DFFE6, M5M28F101AJ-XX/1DEFE6, M5M28F101J-XX/1DFFE6, M5M27C100K-XX/0DFFF6, M5M27C100JK-XX/1DF0F5, M5M27C201K-XX/0DF0F7, M5M27C201JK-XX/1DF0F7, M5M27C401K-XX/0DF0F8, M5M27C102K-XX/0DF0D6, M5M27C102JK-XX/1DF0D6, M5M28F102AVP/RV-XX/8DEF66, M5M28F102FP-XX/4DFF66, M5M28F102VP/RV-XX/8DFF66, M5M28F102AJ-XX/1DEF66, M5M28F102J-XX/1DFF66, M5M27C202K-XX/0DF0D7, M5M27C202JK-XX/1DF0D7, M5M27400/4AK-XX/0DFFD8, M50727E-XXXSP/FP/0DEA50, M38223E4FP/0DF9D2, M38067E8FP/0DF9D0, . #MOTOROLA M29F010 F/17FF76, M29F040 F/17FF78, M29F400 BG/37FF54, M29F400 BT,R/87FF54, M29F400 TG/37FF55, M29F400 TT,R/87FF55, MC68HC705C8 P,S/07FA30, MC68HC705C8 FN/17FA30, MC68HC705C9/D9 P,S/07FA31, MC68HC705C9/D9 FN/17FA31, . #NATIONAL NMC27C16(E)XX/03E0E0, NMC27C16H-XX/03F0E0, NMC27C32(E)XX/03E0E1, NMC27C32BQ(E)XX/03E0F1, NMC27C32H(E)XX/03F0E1, NM27C64XX/03F0F2, NMC27C64Q(E)XX/03E0E2, NM27C128XX/03F0F3, NMC27C128BQ(E)XXX/03E0F3, NMC27CP128QXXX/03E0E3, NMC27C256BQ(E)XXX/03E0F4, NMC27C256Q(E)XXX/03E0E4, NM27C512XX/03F0F5, NMC27C512AQ(E)XXX/03E0F5, NM27C010XX/03F0F6, NMC27C010Q(E)XXX/03E0F6, NM27C020Q(E)XXX/03F0F7, NM27C040XX/03F0F8, NM27C210 Q,N/03F0D6, NMC27C1024Q(E)XXX/03E0D6, NM27C210 V/13F0D6, NMC27C2048Q(E)XXX/03F0D7, GAL16V8/A/QS/-XX N,J/03F009, GAL16V8/A/QS/-XX V/13F009, GAL16V8 N,J AS 10H8/03F020, GAL16V8 N,J AS 10L8/03F025, GAL16V8 N,J AS 10P8/03F018, GAL16V8 N,J AS 12H6/03F021, GAL16V8 N,J AS 12L6/03F026, GAL16V8 N,J AS 12P6/03F017, GAL16V8 N,J AS 14H4/03F022, GAL16V8 N,J AS 14L4/03F027, GAL16V8 N,J AS 14P4/03F016, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16H2/03F023, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16H8/03F035, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16L2/03F028, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16L8/03F029, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16P2/03F014, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16P8/03F038, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16R4/03F032, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16R6/03F031, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16R8/03F030, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16RP4/03F013, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16RP6/03F012, GAL16V8 N,J AS 16RP8/03F011, GAL16V8 V AS 10H8/13F020, GAL16V8 V AS 10L8/13F025, GAL16V8 V AS 10P8/13F018, GAL16V8 V AS 12H6/13F021, GAL16V8 V AS 12L6/13F026, GAL16V8 V AS 12P6/13F017, GAL16V8 V AS 14H4/13F022, GAL16V8 V AS 14L4/13F027, GAL16V8 V AS 14P4/13F016, GAL16V8 V AS 16H2/13F023, GAL16V8 V AS 16H8/13F035, GAL16V8 V AS 16L2/13F028, GAL16V8 V AS 16L8/13F029, GAL16V8 V AS 16P2/13F014, GAL16V8 V AS 16P8/13F038, GAL16V8 V AS 16R4/13F032, GAL16V8 V AS 16R6/13F031, GAL16V8 V AS 16R8/13F030, GAL16V8 V AS 16RP4/13F013, GAL16V8 V AS 16RP6/13F012, GAL16V8 V AS 16RP8/13F011, GAL20V8/A/QS/-XX N,J/03F069, GAL20V8/A/QS/-XX V/13F069, GAL20V8 N,J AS 14H8/03F100, GAL20V8 N,J AS 14L8/03F051, GAL20V8 N,J AS 14P8/03F072, GAL20V8 N,J AS 16H6/03F102, GAL20V8 N,J AS 16L6/03F052, GAL20V8 N,J AS 16P6/03F073, GAL20V8 N,J AS 18H4/03F104, GAL20V8 N,J AS 18L4/03F053, GAL20V8 N,J AS 18P4/03F074, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20H2/03F106, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20H8/03F107, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20L2/03F054, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20L8/03F056, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20P2/03F075, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20P8/03F108, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20R4/03F059, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20R6/03F058, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20R8/03F057, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20RP4/03F109, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20RP6/03F110, GAL20V8 N,J AS 20RP8/03F111, GAL20V8 V AS 14H8/13F100, GAL20V8 V AS 14L8/13F051, GAL20V8 V AS 14P8/13F072, GAL20V8 V AS 16H6/13F102, GAL20V8 V AS 16L6/13F052, GAL20V8 V AS 16P6/13F073, GAL20V8 V AS 18H4/13F104, GAL20V8 V AS 18L4/13F053, GAL20V8 V AS 18P4/13F074, GAL20V8 V AS 20H2/13F106, GAL20V8 V AS 20H8/13F107, GAL20V8 V AS 20L2/13F054, GAL20V8 V AS 20L8/13F056, GAL20V8 V AS 20P2/13F075, GAL20V8 V AS 20P8/13F108, GAL20V8 V AS 20R4/13F059, GAL20V8 V AS 20R6/13F058, GAL20V8 V AS 20R8/13F057, GAL20V8 V AS 20RP4/13F109, GAL20V8 V AS 20RP6/13F110, GAL20V8 V AS 20RP8/13F111, GAL22V10-XX N,J/03F070, GAL22V10-XX V/13F070, . #NEC UPD27HC65DX-XX/0CFFB8, UPD27256D/0CE0E4, UPD27C256AD-XX/0CE0F4, UPD27C512D-XX/0CE0F5, UPD27C1001AD-XX/0CF0F6, UPD27C1000AD-XX/0CFFF6, UPD27C1000D-XX/0CEFF6, UPD27C2001D-XX/0CF0F7, UPD27C4001DZ-XX/0CF0F8, UPD27C8001DZ-XX/0CF0F9, UPD27C1024AD-XX/0CF0D6, UPD27C4096DZ-XX/0CF0D8, UPD27C4000CZ/DZ-XX/0CFFD8, UPD27C8000DZ/CZ-XX/0CFFD9, uPD8741AD/0CEA1E, . #OKI MSM27C101/21/31/0050F6, MSM27C201/21/31/0050F7, MSM27C401/21/31/0050F8, MSM27C402/22/32/005FD8, MSM27C802/22/32/005FD9, . #PHILIPS 27C64A-XX FA,N/01F0F2, 27C64A-XX A/11F0F2, 27C256-XX FA,N/01F0F4, 27C256-XX A/11F0F4, 27C512-XX FA,N/01F0F5, 27C512-XX A/11F0F5, 27C010-XX FA/01E0F6, 27C010-XX N/01F0F6, 27C010-XX A/11E0F6, 27C210-XX FA/01F0D6, 27C210-XX A/11F0D6, 27C240-XX I/01F0D8, 27C240-XX A/11F0D8, P87C750XX FFA,PN/01FAC2, P87C748XX FFA,PN/01FAC0, S87C751XX F24,N24/01FAC3, P87C749XX FFA,PN/01FAC1, S87C752XX F28,N28/01FAC4, SC87C51XX F40,N40/01FA08, SC87C51XX A44/11FA08, P87C52XX F40,N40/01FA1C, P87C576XX FFA,PN/01FA1D, S87C51FAXX F40,N40/01FA09, S87C575XX FA,PN/01FA15, S87C652-XX F40,N40/01FA05, P87C52XX A44,L44/11FA1C, P87C575XX AA,KA/11FA15, P87C576XX AA,LKA/11FA1D, S87C51FAXX A44,L44/11FA09, S87C652-X A44/11FA05, P87C504XB FFA,PN/01FA14, P87C524XX FA,PN/01FA02, P87C54XX FFA,PN/01FA1A, S87(L)C51FBXXF40,N40/01FA0A, S87C654-X F40,N40/01FA06, P87C504XB AA,KKA/11FA14, P87C524XX AA/11FA02, P87C54XX AA,LKA/11FA1A, S87(L)C51FBXXA44,L44/11FA0A, S87C654-X A44/11FA06, P87C528XX FA40,PN40/01FA03, S87C51FC -X F40,N40/01FA0B, P87C528XX A,K/11FA03, S87C51FC-X A44,K44/11FA0B, P51XAG37XX F,N/01FAC9, P51XAG37XX A/11FAC9, PL22V10-XX N/01F070, . #SAMSUNG KM28C16(I)-XX P/009FC0, KM28C17-XX P/009FCC, KM28C64/5-XX P/009FC2, KM28C256-XX P/009FC4, . #SANYO LE27C4002F-XX Y/0EA0D8, . #SEEQ DQ2816A-XX/00FFC0, E/M28C256A/00FFC4, DQ27C256-XX/00F0F4, . #SGS-THOMSON M28C64C-XXX P/08FFC2, M28C64C-XXX K/18FFC2, MK48Z08/09/18/19B-XX/08F9F2, M48Z30(Y)/08F9F4, M2716/08E0E0, M2732A/08E0E1, M2764A/08E0E2, TS27C64A M27C64A F/08E0F2, M27128A F/08E0E3, M27256/08E0E4, M27C256B-XX B,F/08F0F4, M87C257 D,P/08F0A5, TS27C256/08E0F4, M27C256B-XX C/18F0F4, M28F256-XX B/08EFE4, M28F256A-XX B/08FFE4, M28F256-XX C/18EFE4, M28F256A-XX C/18FFE4, M27512/08E0E5, M27C512 M27V512 B,F/08F0F5, M27C512 M27V512 C/18F0F5, M28F512-XX B/08FFE5, M28F512-XX C/18FFE5, M27C1001 M27V101 B,F/08F0F6, M27C1001 M27V101 C/18F0F6, M28F101-XX B/08FFE6, M28F1001-XX C/18FFE6, M27C1000/08FFF6, M27C2001 M27V201 B,F/08F0F7, M27C2001 M27V201 C/18F0F7, M28F201-XX N/88FFE7, M28F201-XX K/18FFE7, M29F040-XX N,R/88FF78, M29F040-XX K/18FF78, M27C4001 M27V401 B,F/08F0F8, M27C4001 M27V401 C/18F0F8, M27C801-XXX F/08F0F9, M27C801-XXX N/88F0F9, M27C801-XXX K/18F0F9, M27C1024-XX F/08F0D6, M27C1024-XX C/18F0D6, M28F102-XX P/08FF66, M28F102-XX K/18FF66, M27C202-XX K/18F0D7, M27C4002-XX F/08F0D8, M27C4002-XX C/18F0D8, M27C800-XX F/08FFD9, M27C160-XXX F/08FFDA, GAL16V8/A/S-XX B,F,D/08F009, GAL16V8/A/S-XX C/18F009, GAL16V8 B AS 10H8/08F020, GAL16V8 B AS 10L8/08F025, GAL16V8 B AS 10P8/08F018, GAL16V8 B AS 12H6/08F021, GAL16V8 B AS 12L6/08F026, GAL16V8 B AS 12P6/08F017, GAL16V8 B AS 14H4/08F022, GAL16V8 B AS 14L4/08F027, GAL16V8 B AS 14P4/08F016, GAL16V8 B AS 16H2/08F023, GAL16V8 B AS 16H8/08F035, GAL16V8 B AS 16L2/08F028, GAL16V8 B AS 16L8/08F029, GAL16V8 B AS 16P2/08F014, GAL16V8 B AS 16P8/08F038, GAL16V8 B AS 16R4/08F032, GAL16V8 B AS 16R6/08F031, GAL16V8 B AS 16R8/08F030, GAL16V8 B AS 16RP4/08F013, GAL16V8 B AS 16RP6/08F012, GAL16V8 B AS 16RP8/08F011, GAL16V8 C AS 10H8/18F020, GAL16V8 C AS 10L8/18F025, GAL16V8 C AS 10P8/18F018, GAL16V8 C AS 12H6/18F021, GAL16V8 C AS 12L6/18F026, GAL16V8 C AS 12P6/18F017, GAL16V8 C AS 14H4/18F022, GAL16V8 C AS 14L4/18F027, GAL16V8 C AS 14P4/18F016, GAL16V8 C AS 16H2/18F023, GAL16V8 C AS 16H8/18F035, GAL16V8 C AS 16L2/18F028, GAL16V8 C AS 16L8/18F029, GAL16V8 C AS 16P2/18F014, GAL16V8 C AS 16P8/18F038, GAL16V8 C AS 16R4/18F032, GAL16V8 C AS 16R6/18F031, GAL16V8 C AS 16R8/18F030, GAL16V8 C AS 16RP4/18F013, GAL16V8 C AS 16RP6/18F012, GAL16V8 C AS 16RP8/18F011, GAL20V8/A/S-XX B,F,D/08F069, GAL20V8/A/S-XX C/18F069, GAL20V8 B AS 14H8/08F100, GAL20V8 B AS 14L8/08F051, GAL20V8 B AS 14P8/08F072, GAL20V8 B AS 16H6/08F102, GAL20V8 B AS 16L6/08F052, GAL20V8 B AS 16P6/08F073, GAL20V8 B AS 18H4/08F104, GAL20V8 B AS 18L4/08F053, GAL20V8 B AS 18P4/08F074, GAL20V8 B AS 20H2/08F106, GAL20V8 B AS 20H8/08F107, GAL20V8 B AS 20L2/08F054, GAL20V8 B AS 20L8/08F056, GAL20V8 B AS 20P2/08F075, GAL20V8 B AS 20P8/08F108, GAL20V8 B AS 20R4/08F059, GAL20V8 B AS 20R6/08F058, GAL20V8 B AS 20R8/08F057, GAL20V8 B AS 20RP4/08F109, GAL20V8 B AS 20RP6/08F110, GAL20V8 B AS 20RP8/08F111, GAL20V8 C AS 14H8/18F100, GAL20V8 C AS 14L8/18F051, GAL20V8 C AS 14P8/18F072, GAL20V8 C AS 16H6/18F102, GAL20V8 C AS 16L6/18F052, GAL20V8 C AS 16P6/18F073, GAL20V8 C AS 18H4/18F104, GAL20V8 C AS 18L4/18F053, GAL20V8 C AS 18P4/18F074, GAL20V8 C AS 20H2/18F106, GAL20V8 C AS 20H8/18F107, GAL20V8 C AS 20L2/18F054, GAL20V8 C AS 20L8/18F056, GAL20V8 C AS 20P2/18F075, GAL20V8 C AS 20P8/18F108, GAL20V8 C AS 20R4/18F059, GAL20V8 C AS 20R6/18F058, GAL20V8 C AS 20R8/18F057, GAL20V8 C AS 20RP4/18F109, GAL20V8 C AS 20RP6/18F110, GAL20V8 C AS 20RP8/18F111, . #SST PH29EE010-XX/05AFE6, NH29EE010-XX/15AFE6, . #TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TMS2516-XX JC/04E0E0, TMS27(P)C32-XX J,N/04F0F1, TMS2732A-XX J/04E0E1, TMS27C(P)64-XX J,N/04F0F2, TMS27(P)C128-XX J,N/04F0F3, TMS27PC128-XX FM/14F0F3, TMS27(P)C256-XX J,N/04F0F4, TMS87C257 D,P/04F0A5, TMS27PC256-XX FM/14F0F4, TMS29F256-XX J,N/04FFE0, TMS29F256-XX FM/14FFE0, TMS27(P)C512-XX J,N/04F0F5, TMS27PC512-XX FM/14F0F5, TMS28F512A-XX N/04FFE5, TMS28F512A-XX FM/14FFE5, TMS27(P)C010-XX J/04E0F6, TMS27(P)C010A-XX J/04F0F6, TMS27PC010 FN/14E0F6, TMS27PC010A FM/14F0F6, TMS28F010A-XX N/04FFE6, TMS28F010A-XXFM/14FFE6, TMS27(P)C020-XX J/04F0F7, TMS27PC020-XX FM/14F0F7, TMS27(P)C040-XX J/04F0F8, TMS27PC040 FM/14F0F8, TMS27C210-XX J/04E0D6, TMS27C210A-XX J/04F0D6, TMS27PC210-XX FM/14E0D6, TMS27PC210A-XX FM/14F0D6, TMS28F210-XX N/04FF66, TMS28F210-XX FM/14FF66, TMS28F200BZ-BXXX DBJ/34FF92, TMS28F200BZ-TXXX DBJ/34FF93, TMS27C240-XX J/04F0D8, TMS28F400BZ-BXXX DBJ/34FF94, TMS28F400BZ-TXXX DBJ/34FF95, . #TOSHIBA TC57256AD-XX/0EE0E4, TC57H256D-XX/0EF0F4, TMM27256BD-XX/0EF0E4, TMM27256D-XX/0EE0F4, TC57512AD-XX/0EF0F5, TMM27512AD-XX/0EF0E5, TC57(H)1000(A)D-XX/0EF0F6, TC541000J-XX/1EF0F6, TC58F010P-XX/0EFFE6, TC57(H)1001(A)D-XX/0EFFF6, TC541001J-XX/1EFFF6, TC574000D-XX/0EF0F8, TC57H1024/1025AD-XX/0EF0D6, TC574096D-XX/0EF0D8, TC574200D-XX/0EFFD8, TC578200D-XX/0EFFD9, TC5716200D-XX/0EFFDA, TMP47P403V/0EFA50, TMP91P640N/0EFB60, TC9800/1 P/0EF232, TC9802/3 P/0EF288, TC9804/5 P/0EF289, TC9806/7 P/0EF290, . #WINBOND W27E257-XX/0E80F4, W27E257P-XX/1E80F4, W27E512-XX/0E80F5, W27E512P-XX/1E80F5, W29EE011-XX/0E8FE6, . #WSI WS27C64F,57C64F-XD/0BC0F2, WS27C64L-X D,T,P/0BD0F2, WS27C64F,57C64F-XJ/1BC0F2, WS27C64L-XX J/1BD0F2, WS27C128F,57C128F-XD/0BC0F3, WS27C128L-X D,T,P/0BD0F3, WS27C128L-X J/1BD0F3, WS27C256F,57C256F-XD/0BC0F4, WS27C256L-XX D,T,P/0BD0F4, WS57C256F-X J/1BC0F4, WS27C512F,57C512F-XD/0BC0F5, WS27C512L -XX D/0BD0F5, WS27C512L-XX J/1BD0F5, WS27C010L-XX D,P/0BD0F6, WS27C010L-XX J/1BD0F6, WS27C040LS-XX D/0BD0F8, WS57C65-XX D/0BC0D2, WS57C257-XX D/0BC0D4, WS27C210F/LS-XX D/0BD0D6, WS27C210F/LS-XX J/1BD0D6, WS57C191/291B-XX D,P/0BCFB6, WS57C43B-XX D,T,S/0BCFB7, WS57C43C-XX D,T,S/0BDFB7, WS57C49B-XX D,P,T/0BCFB8, WS57C49C-XX D,P,T/0BDFB8, WS57C51B-XX D,T/0BCFB9, WS57C51C-XX D,T/0BDFB9, WS57C71C-XX D,T/0BDFBA, . #XICOR X2804A(I)-XX/0C8ECA, X2816B,C D,P/0C9EC0, X2864A D,P/0C8EC2, X2864B,H D,P/0C9EC2, X2864A J/1C8EC2, X2864B,H -J/1C9EC2, X28C64,641 D,P/0C9FC2, X28HC64-XX D,P/0C9DC2, X28C64 J/1C9FC2, X28HC64 J/1C9DC2, X28256 D,P/0C9EC4, X28C256 D,P/0C9FC4, X28HC256(I)-XX D,P/0C9DC4, X28HC256(I)-XX J/1C9DC4, X28C512 D,P/0C9FC5, X28C010 D/0C9FC6,


Technical Specification

Entry Level / High Power

As a new generation machine, Solar really takes up the challenge where previous EPROM programmers have been superseded due to lack of RAM, too small sockets or just plain old age.

The 4 x 36-pin socket design and large RAM allow the Solar to provide full 8, 16 and 32-bit programming without any tedious 'split & shuffle' routines. With an entry level memory of 16M bits, (expandable to 64 Mbits using low-cost SIMMs), the operator is given the capability to program 4 x 4 Mbit devices with 32-bit data in one operation.

Data is loaded into RAM in several ways: rapid download via the RS232C (115K baud) or Parallel interface ports, loaded from a master device or input from the soft-touch silicon rubber keyboard.

Once loaded, data in RAM can be modified using the powerful on-board editor which provides the user with the following: List, Insert, Delete, Edit, Fill, String Search, Block Move and Complement. The 'Edit' function is particularly powerful with the ability to display and modify data in Hex and Decimal with an accompanying display of the relevant ASCII character.

High Quality, 4-line LCD

Device selection by manufacturer and type is easily made from the on-board library – displayed on the LCD, which can be 'interrogated' using the cursor scan keys; or, if known, by entering the device code directly. Alternatively, an 'Electronic Identifier' can be invoked which reads a unique signature from the socketed device to either select or confirm the programming algorithm. All local control of the Solar is made via the keyboard and the crystal clear, 4-line LCD.

Data / Device Integrity

A user definable 'program sequence' can be configured to include empty check, illegal bit check and normal or marginal verify which ensures devices are programmed completely and with the data expected. Similarly Checksum and CRC are available for all sockets – providing an instant data integrity check. This is complemented by status reporting to the display and LED indicators on all sockets for Pass/Fail.

Production Too!

Not content with being a high-power development machine, Solar also qualifies for production duty by providing a 'gang' (4 devices) facility and fast programming. These features coupled with its robust nature and ease of use have already seen Solars gravitate to more than one production area.


As the silicon market matures and programmable microcontrollers and EPLDs become more widely used, Solar is there with low-cost expansion modules which already provide support for all the popular GAL™ type devices and 'Intel style' and Motorola micros. A further module supports EPROMs in 40, 42 & 4X-pin DIP (including MROM) and 44-pin PLCC and is capable of Gang/Set programming 16-bit wide devices.

Memory expansion is available in the form of 'off the shelf' SIMMs and can be easily fitted by the user.

On-Site Upgrades

Device support is continually updated with regular upgrades being issued to provide longevity of product and reduce cost of ownership.

Device programming software is stored in on-board FLASH memory and updates can be downloaded to the Solar from a PC or from EPROM – removing the need to open the case.

SOLAR Expansion Modules:

APS 433 – EPLDs APS 434 – Intel Micros APS 435 – 40-48 pin EPROMs APS-436 – Motorola Micros
APS 433 – EPLDs Provides support for a wide range of popular EPLDs including GALs and PEELs. Sockets cater for 20 & 28-pin PLCC and 28-pin DIP in different pinouts. APS 434 – Intel Micros Supports 8-bit 'Intel style' micros in 40-pin DIP & 44-pin PLCC as standard. A range of optimised adaptors is available for 16-bit Micros, surface mount packages and PGA. APS 435 – 40-48 pin EPROMs 40, 42 and 48-pin DIP EPROMs (including Masked ROM pinout) and 44-pin PLCC EPROMs are supported. Two of each size socket provide Gang or Set programming of 16-bit devices. APS-436 – Motorola Micros This module supports Motorola's Micros with on-board EPROM. Sockets provided allow progamming of devices up to 40-pin DIP and 44 and 52-pin PLCC packages.



Standard Device Support:
Mainframe ZIF Sockets:
1/O Formats:
Remote Control:


Modules for:


EMC Emissions:
EMC Immunity:
Operating temperature:

Leaders in innovation

For two decades Stag has been at the forefront of design and manufacture of high quality and reliable device programmers.

Today Stag Programmers carry forward this reputation in products ranging from Universal, Gang and In-Circuit Programmers to PLD Compilers and UV Erasers – and now hand-held and portable programmers.

We are dedicated to continuous research and development to maintain our lead in both product and software support so that our customers can keep pace with rapidly changing programmable device technology.

Worldwide sales and support

The Solar is backed by Stag's international network of exclusive professional sales and support agents.


Stag APS434

Stag APS438


SOLAR REV 2.0 IC9 checksum C2A7 27C1024 Eprom

If you look forward for other information about this MOS Programmer, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: . Also if you have any data about this programmer, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.


Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur autonome, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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If you look forward for other information about this STAG SOLAR A.P.S. eprom programmer , do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: . Also if you have any data about this programmer, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.


Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur d'eprom STAG SOLAR A.P.S., vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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