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24VAC transformer to be used to power the dataio chiplab

Chiplab getting starting guide [PDF - 4.94 Mb - 24 pages]

Chiplab new installation guide [PDF- 2.55 Mb - 11 pages]

Chiplab Update instructions [PDF- 1.07 Mb - 4 pages]

Software Chiplab Version 6.2 6.3Mb Shift-Click to Download [the 6.2 release is the last version available for the chiplab, it will be never updated].
You can find the device list support by the last software Version 6.2 available in the file chiplab.txt

In order to make working the chiplab under Windows XP I do recommend this way:
first download Porttalk program here A
See also A
then what I have done : I have copied the content of porttalk directory in the C:\CHIPLABW
then from a dos prompt in the C:\CHIPLABW directory
execute allowio winchip.exe /a
then it will start the chiplab software and the programmer will be recognized.
Have a look to this workingbatch file that launches a command shell and runs the PortTalk scripting for you automatically. By the way, in the script, the PortTalk software is also located in the same default directory of C:\CHIPLABW. It seems to be working fine on a notebook (Dell D620 1.66 GHz, WinXP_SP2 w/1GB Ram)

Here's a cut and paste of the scripting that's inside the batch file.

c:\chiplabw\allowio.exe winchip.exe /a

An Other way to make working the Chiplab under Windows XP is to use Userport (ZIP Archive - 34Kb)

Original software can be download here (ZIP Archive - 5.8 Mb)


1. Winbond 27C512 EEPROMs can be programmed by selecting Winbond 27E512 (At least the DIP version)
2. The programmer does not allow the part to be erased (it is greyed out)
3. You can erase the 27C512 by connecting pin 22 to programmer pin 1, connnect pin 1 of the device to pin 2 (so they are both connected to programmer pin 2), and select Winbond 27E257. DO NOT TRY TO PROGRAM THIS WAY THOUGH!. You will have to disable the pin checks though or it will not work.

ChipLab* Project Programmers Programs Intel Microcontrollers,Flash, PROMs, PLDs, CPLDs,EEPROMs 
Supports PLCC, SOIC, QFP, and TSOP Packages
Easy-To-Use Windows InterfacesPerforms Continuity Checks
Ensuring Reliable Programmings
Uses IBM-Compatible Parallel PortFor High Speeds
Safety, Quality and Reliability of a Data I/O Programmers CE Certified;
The Only ISO-9001 Registered Programmer Vendor Available
Data I/Oís ChipLab* Project Programmersare affordable, 
personal device programmers designed for high-quality, reliable
programming of DIP packages, including Intel microcontrollers,
EPROMs,E/EPROMs, and Flash devices, as well as bipolar PROMs.
ChipLab programmers program nearly all of Intelís programmable devices,
and support for new Intel devices is added when new devices are released.
Adapters are available for PLCC,SOIC, QFP, and TSOP packages.
ChipLab Project Programmer uses a flexible, Windows* user interface,
allowing easy device selection with multilevel filters,
and execution of all standard programming operations such as load,
program, verify, and various device checks.
ChipLab offers versatile input and outputwith support for JEDEC,
Intel (Intellec8/MDS, MCS-86, HEX-32), and other formats.
New devices are easily added through inexpensive and readily accessible algorithm updates.
ChipLab is approved by UL, CSA, and TUV safety organizations, meets FCC Level B and VDE 0871B standards, andcomes with 
a one-year warranty.

M I C R O C O N T R O L L E R S  S U P P O R T E D :
87C5x, 87C51Fx; call for additional information as devices are being regularly added 




Release 6.20-6.2000 12/03/99

AMI PEEL18CV8 programming - Erase is not available



Lattice / Vantis PALCE16V8H : Erase function is available

AMD / Lattice / Vantis PALCE16V8H programming

MC68HC705P9 programming with Dataio Chiplab programmer (available read, program, verify)



If you look forward for other information about this devices programmer, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: . Also if you have any data about this programmer, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.

Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur de projets, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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