MOS Programmer PP40 Stag
Programmateur MOS EPROM-EEPROM Stag PP40.

pp40 resources page

**stag PP40 MOS Gang Programmer with M101A Gang Module**






Stag PP40 PP42User's Manual Revision 2 (PDF - 82 pages - 10.12Mb)

Stag 40M101 devices list codes Revision 16 (PDF - 8 pages - 803Kb)

Stag PP40 PP41 PP42 Manual (PDF - 146 pages - 2.69 MB- Shift Click to download)

Stag PP40 PP41 PP42 Devices list (PDF -8 pages - 255 Kb - Shift Click to download)


Stag PP40 Series Manual PP41 Manual (PDF 126 pages - 8.82Mb - Shift Click to download)

Stag 40M101,41M101,42M101 device support list (PDF-7 pages - 260Kb)


PP40_02-00.bin ver 2.0 chksum A9C4 (uses 27C64)
PP40_04-01.bin ver 4.1 chksum 396F (uses 27C64)


40M100_05-00.bin ver 5.0 chksum A560 (uses 27c256)


40M101_07-00.bin ver 7.0 chksum 2D36 (uses 27c512)

This 40M101 module will not work with the older PP40 base EPROM and the 40M100 module will not work with the newer PP40 base EPROM.

The picture pp40mods.jpg shows how the PP40 and M101A have been modified to prevent PP41/42 modules being attached







Data sheets of some components found on the PCB :

- MC6809P Motorola mpu
- Rockwell 19837P-40 Rockwell 10937P-40 Alphanumeric Display Controller
- TDK CD1867N TDK CD-1867N - Converter and Driver for Futaba Fluorescent Display Panels
- SCN2661B Signetics
- TC514256AP Toshiba
- PLS153 Signetics

Dust Cover for Stag Eprom Programmer PP39, PP40, PP41 & PP42 | eBay

This is professionally made with high quality fabric and has an elastic sheath. Good dust covers are really hard to find. Stag PP40 unit from USA for spare parts or repair

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