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1. Set up your programming instrument as follows:

a. Connect power cable to the Quasar programming instrument.
b. Connect supplied interface cable between instrument to parallel
printer port 1, 2 or 3 on your IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2/386/486/LAPTOP
c. Power up the programmer.
d. The programmer type will now be displayed in the lower left of the
PC screen. This will indicate correct communication between the PC
and the programmer.
e. If the programmer fails to communicate, use the CONFIG option to
select the PC port Quasar is connected to.

You can find more details about installation and set up procedures
in the "Quasar User's Manual".

The PCBs from the STAG QUASAR are identical to those
in Advin Corp's "Pilot-U40" programmer. This appears to be another case of rebranding design. The software is also basically the same but with
"Advin" search and replaced to "Stag"!The "Pilot-U28" unit which appears mostly identical to U40; it has
42 pin drivers just like that machine, but seems to be crippled by some PALs to only support 28 pin chips.

the programmer supports:


GAL & RAL type Devices : (See Manufacturers)

MACH & 22V10 type Devices

ALTERA MAX type Devices

EPLD type Devices

Standard PLDs

PLS type Devices PLS153 etc.

ECL type Devices

Serial PROM type Devices

Bipolar PROM type Devices

EPROM and OTPPROM type Devices

EEPROM & FLASH type Devices

EEPROM & FLSH over 64Meg

Microcomputer type Devices

Software for the Stag Quasar PC Universal programmer - Version 1.01 (c) 1991 Stag Microsystems (RAR Archive - 1.69 Mb)

programmer is revision "K" says the program

power supplies of the Stag Quasar programmer

See other photos:

pcb_quasar1, pcb_quasar2, pcb_quasar3, pcb_quasar4, pcb_quasar5, pcb_quasar6 , pcb_quasar7


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