PCB101 / PCB110 PIC microcontrollers Programmer resources page

Here is the programmer I use to program PIC Microcontrollers as PIC16F873, PIC16F676, PIC16F84, PIC12F675, etc.

I use the icprog software with it.
I use the ICProg Software OK under Windows 98 and also Windows XP.

the pcb101 / pcb110 kit (to be mounted) could be found for a cost of 38 euros

to be used with this cable :

IBM ext cable DB9M/F UNKNOWN
N 2-2181:1.80Mtr Other documents   1.80 meter

1 PCB110 Kit to be mounted Avail.

other resources: http://www.mikroklub.hu/htm/tools.htm#isdprog



signaux nécessaires à la programmation :

PIC16F84 ------------------ PIC16F876/873
VDD (14)----------------VDD(20)
MCLR (4)----------------MCLR(1)
RB6 (12) ---------------RB6(27)
RB7(13)---------------RB7 (28)



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