Disque dur IDE (IDE Hard Disk) SAMSUNG modèle SHD3062A (114 Mb)

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Microprocessor MC68HC11A0 from Motorola in extended memory architecture
Circuit IDE chipset interface : AIC6060 ( adaptec )
Circuit SAMSUNG proprietary VH9001F ( MB620274-L ) - 16 MHz
Circuit driver Hitachi Semic. HA13481

Consommation (power ratings) 12VDC 0.8A / 5VDC 0.5A


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To understand how works IDE interface of an hard disk - Le but est de comprendre comment fonctionne l'interface IDE d'un disque dur.

Main components of this hard disk are:
  • a Microcontroller MOTOROLA U3 MC68HC11A0FN (PLCC52) C96N QQCR.
  • a chip U1 adaptec AIC-6060Q FBKA225 701815 7590940000 JAPAN PQFP-80 @16MHz
  • an EPROM U4 27C256 (PLCC32 rect.) Version W3.4
  • driver circuit U15 HA13481 from 'Hitachi.
  • le circuit U6 MX7628KP de Maxim IC DAC 8BIT DL MULT 20-PLCC
  • le circuit U5 BH9001F - MB620274-L datecode 9228 de Samsung PQFP-80.
  • les circuits U13 32P544-CH ( Datecode 9231 - 65331.1) et U14 32D5362A-CH ( Datecode 9225 - 33544.1) de Silicon Systems @37.5MHz
  • le circuit U7 ML4406CQ de µCube ( Datecode 9228)
  • 2 circuits U8,U9 MC34074AD de MOTOROLA
  • le circuit 2210425 de Siliconix
  • le circuit AHT235 de Siliconix
  • U21 LT2310425 / LT2210425 Linear Technology so-8
  • U10 LM324 so-14
  • U11 Siliconix DG444DY so-16
  • U2 SRAM Samsung KM62256BLG-10 so-28
  • U16 3771 so-8 MB3771 de Fujitsu Power Supply Monitor M50 datecode 9228
  • U22 Siliconix 9956AE
  • deux oscillateurs 37.5 MHz et 16 MHz

    PCB silkscreen indicates / Le PCB comporte l'inscription SHD-3101A REV G

    - Binary content of the 32Kb Eprom 27C256 W3.4 Firmware / Le dump de l'eprom 27C256 révision W3.4 (PLCC32 rect.) est donné dans le fichier suivant : shd3062a.bin Shift-Cliquer pour télécharger (32 Ko).

    - source of the firmware Version W3.4 disassembled with XDASM / Le programme source 68HC11 à l'état actuel désassemblé brut est donné dans le fichier: shd3062a.src Shift-Cliquer pour télécharger (600 Ko).

    * Pour le mettre en MASTER : mettre les cavaliers C/D et DSP
    * Pour le mettre en ESCLAVE (SLAVE): mettre uniquement le cavalier DSP.
    Dans les 2 cas le cavalier ACT près du connecteur IDE doit être mis.


    * to put the drive in MASTER : jumpers C/D & DSP must be placed

    * to put the drive in SLAVE : only fix the DSP jumper

    * in both cases jumper ACT must be in.


    http://www.hddoracle.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1960 Dealing with REALLY OLD Samsung drives

    SSI 32D5362A-CH, Silicon Systems, data synchroniser, 1,7 RLL ENDEC/Write Precompensation, 37.5MHz, PLCC-28:
    http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/components/siliconSystems/_dataBooks/1991_Silicon_Systems_Storage_Products_Data_Book.pdf (page 456)

    SSI 32P544-CH, Silicon Systems, Read data processor & servo demodulator, PLCC-44:
    http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/components/siliconSystems/_dataBooks/1991_Silicon_Systems_Storage_Products_Data_Book.pdf (page 232)

    DG444DY, Siliconix/Vishay, Quad SPST CMOS Analog Switches, normally closed, 5V - 36V, SO-16

    Si9956DY, Siliconix/Vishay, Dual N-Channel MOSFET, 20V, 3.5A, SO-8:

    KM62256BLG-10, Samsung, 32Kx8 bit Low Power CMOS SRAM, 5V, DIP-28:

    LT1004CS8-2.5, Linear Technology, 2.5V micropower voltage reference, marking 0425, SO-8:

    MX7628BKP, Maxim, 8-bit buffered multiplying DAC, 5V - 15V, 20-PLCC:

    BH9001F (MB620274-L), Samsung proprietary, 16 MHz, PQFP-80:
    MB620XXX, Fujitsu Microelectronics, UHB SERIES 1.5U CMOS GATE ARRAYS:

    ML4406CQ, Micro Linear, Disk Voice Coil Servo Driver:
    http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/components/microLinear/_dataBooks/1991_Micro_Linear_Semi-Standard_Analog_Data_Book.pdf (page 474)


    - Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce disque dur, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : matthieu.benoit@free.fr

    - De même si vous disposez de disques durs utilisant le circuit AIC6060Q d'adaptec, celà peut etre intéressant de faire des comparaisons.

    Ressources Hardware IBM PC :http://webs.satlink.com/usuarios/r/rosca/econtenido.htm

    http://wiki.vintage-computer.com/index.php/XTIDE_project The XT-IDE project is a Vintage Computer forum driven project to develop and manufacturer an 8-bit ISA IDE controller. It allows any PC/XT class machine to use modern IDE hard drives or Compact Flash devices for long term storage.

    http://redhill.net.au/d/d-a.html golden oldies: drives we used to love and hate

    http://redhill.net.au/ig.html Redhill Guide

    http://losno.lisa.univ-paris-diderot.fr/Electronik/Disques.htm hard disk parameters by manufacturer




    JC201-14 firmware (Am27C1024 Eprom) checksum DD9E (128Kb-binary .BIN)

    SAMSUNG SV0644/DLL cyl 13232 , hd 15, sec 63, 6.40GB

    US PAT NO 4,282,554: 4,369,475

    power req +12V DC 0.5A +5V DC 0.6A

    PPID 36251-8C0-0278 DP/N: 0006950D Rev. A00

    pcb Voyager 3/4/5 BF41-10302N Rev.1

    Eprom AM27C1024-55JC5 (plcc-44)

    Adaptec AIC-8381Q (pqfp-64) Korea

    Adaptec AIC-4421Q (pqfp-64) Hong Kong

    Hitachi HA1356I

    Silicon System

    crystal oscillator : 40MHz

    SAMSUNG KM416C254DJ-5


    My drive probably has many bad sectors. We can see this with a SMART tool such as CrystalDiskInfo.


    There is not much we can do in this case with ordinary tools and techniques. Sometimes we can refurbish the drive by disabling a bad head and applying a factory "burn-in" procedure.

    I may be able to dump the drive's firmware modules (and ROM?) with the demo version of SHT or SHTR. These can be downloaded from The HDD Oracle


    Note that defect lists and SMART data are just some of the firmware modules that are stored on the Maintenance Cylinders (MC) on the platters, not on the PCB. It would be interesting if we could dump the EPROM.

    Franc has written a couple of primers to help people to understand the firmware architecture of HDDs. hope you find them useful.

    The hard drive -- a computer within a computer:

    1720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure

    Your hard drive is detecting an imminent failure. to ensure no data loss, backup contents & replace this hard disk

    Disk 6402MB SAMSUNG SV0644A


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