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SRAM Memory Expansion Card M5M51008 to add memory to the programmer (cf. Chapter 2.7 documentation);

P322 schematic ( PDF- 777Kb) untested



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Power Supply ratings 12VDC @ 500mA positive to center


Part No GBS706 8.4V 600mAh

in P301 Hand Held Programmer Technical Specification Stag Programmer P301 (PDF-3 pages) you have the partnumber of this card : P321 4Mbit Memory Expansion card; P322 8Mbit Memory Expansion card.

firmware V8.02 29F040 (checksum E537) (BIN file - 512 Kb)

The connector on the P301 is a DB9 male. the cable is a cheap null-modem DB9 F-F cable.

On page 28 of the user's manual it shows the pinout for the 9 pin connector on the P301

and on page 29 it states that hardware handshaking must be
used with StagCom for Windows as described in the "README.1ST" file :-)

Pins 1 & 9 are not used so I would try a 9 pin to 9 pin cable wired as

2 ------------------ 3
3 ------------------ 2
4 ------------------ 6
5 ------------------ 5
6 ------------------ 4
7 ------------------ 8
8 ------------------ 7

p.s. The problem updating the P301 firmware may be because the later StagCom (for DOS and Windows) may not be reliable on newer PC hardware. Although the P301 supports RTS/CTS handshaking, my experience with PP42 etc showed that it was not tested properly with a fast PC. Sending data from a PC to a Stag programmer can be tricky, getting StagView to work reliably took a long time. If someone really must upgrade it they should use a slow baud rate, 9600 or less.

stag P301 Operating Manual ( PDF -114 pages - 4.19Mb)

Stag P301 Devices Support List Version 8.04 (PDF - 9 pages - 37 Kb)

p301.dat Stag P301 Version 8.04 device list (.dat - 10KB)

Stag P301 Tech Spec (PDF - 3 pages 45 Kb)

Stag95 software (ZIP Archive - 918Kb) - The StagCom 95 loads and runs in Windows 7 with no problems

stagDisks.rar (.RAR archive - 5.68Mb) includes stagcom_DOS, stagcom_WIN, stagcom95, stagcom95-v95.58.0, PM95, scomw95 manual, P803 devices updates

The last release firmware was Ver 8.04

Archive (ZIP Archive - 773Kb) contains old releases of StagComDOS and StagComWin

Important notice: I do not recommend to update the flash memory of the stag P301 with the Stagcom Software : it has been reported that Stagcom freeze and then the programmer is no longer working : when the operation has been branched into the display now read "Warning Flash module not loader press a key"

8.04 firmware update for the P301


device list P301.DAT file


FLASH127.SBN (229Kb)



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