STAG ZL30 (System Z) , ZL30A, ZL30B, ZL32 logic programmer
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Programmateur de circuits logiques Stag System Z: ZL30 / ZL30A / ZL30B / ZL32

ZL30 / ZL30A / ZL30B SPLD, CPLD MOS, Bipolar, ECL 115 Kbauds (RS-232C) remote & stand-alone - Test vectors support


here download the ZL30 / ZL32 User's Manual (Original) (81 pages , 2.96Mb)

here download the ZL30 / ZL32 User's Manual (Revision 1) , Includes ZL30A (80 pages , 3.10Mb)

here you can download the device support List for this programmer (8pages , 330 Kb)

ZL30 Unit

one of the Revision Firmware (three EPROMS) I have is 30A08 :
IC65 is associated to a PAL18L4
IC68 (27128) "SYS 30A8",
IC67 (27128) "OV1 30A08"
and IC65 (27512) "30A08"

The Jedec of the PAL18L4 is given in the file PAL18L4.JED

PAL18L4.EQN equations


The ZL30 programmer firmware "30A08" is composed of 3 Eproms : IC68 (27128) "SYS 30A8", IC67 (27128) "OV1 30A08" and IC65 (27512) "30A08" which stands on a little PCB p/n STAG 20-0161 ISS1 (near a programmed PAL18L4).

here you can download the content of the "30A08" firmware :


20-0161 schematic pdf version

inside the ZL30 programmer:

Components of the ZL30 PCB:

MC6821P Motorola
SY2661-002 Synertek
MC68488P Motorola
MC3242AP Motorola
MC34004P(TL084) Motorola
MC34002P (TL082CP) Mot.
N82S153N Signetics
MC1488P 1489PC DM74LS244N 74LS138PC 74LS273N 74LS04PC µA75462 74LS259N DM7406N DM7407N MC3448AP LM339N 74LS253N 10937-40 ROCKWELL
KU-12A (CD-1867N TDK) Z2A-5V-D

30A39S Release ( 4 EPROMS):

The chips are numbered:

IC3 - 27C512 - chksum 1458
IC4 - 27C512 - chksum 6795
IC5 - 27C512 - chksum FBA5
IC68 - 27C256 - chksum 9F42 (95Kb)

is the Software StagCom2 to use with this programmer to download the jedec files from the host Computer via the serial Port.
See the User's Manual to See how to set SW1 dipswitch. The Stag Com2 Sofware works with the ZL30 and ZL32 programmers.

| This is a data-file containing the list of the devices which can be
| programmed by the ZL30/A/B logic programmers running under Stag Com 2.
| This list also applies to the PPZ / Zm2200/Zm2300 programmers, however not
| all of the devices listed are supported by these programmers and if such
| a device is selected then a warning message will be returned by the
| programmer.
| |
| Any additions to this list can be achieved by editing this file.
| |
| There are some simple rules which have to be followed when editing this
| file, to ensure correct interpretation of the data by the main program.
| i) The manufacturers name should always be ALONE at the beginning of
| one line, preceded by # (eg #AMD) with a maximum of 14 characters
| in the name. |
| ii) The relevant devices start at the line following their manufacturer
| and are of the form :- Device / Device Code.
| iii) There must be no more than 255 characters per line. All different
| devices must be separated by a comma and a space: D/DC, D/DC, D...
| iv) Only the first 16 characters of a device name can be displayed on
| the Zl30 series of programmers, so any additional characters will
| not be displayed.
| v) Devices which require additional adaptors or modules before they
| can be accessed should have an bracketed asterisk after the device
| name (eg EP900(*)).
| A full-stop indicates the end of the device list for each manufacturer.
| This file has been updated to support the following revisions of software
| ZL30/A revision 30A48 and ZL30B revision 30B19


(cable is simple to realize):

DB9F (PC) -DB25M (programmer)
5-7 , Also you need SW1-1 up to commute into remote Mode)

List of the devices supported by the 30A08 release:

Altera: EP300

Cypress: PALC16L8A, PALC16R4A(*), PALC16R6A(*), PALC16R8A(*) (*) Supports Preload

Harris: HPL77153, HPL77209, HPL77210, HPL77211, HPL77212, HPL77215, HPL77216, HPL77317, HPL77318, HPL77319, HPL77320

MMI: PAL10P8, PAL12P10, PAL12P6, PAL14P4, PAL14P8, PAL16CP1, PAL16P2, PAL16P6, PAL16P8, PAL16RA8, PAL16RP4, PAL16RP6, PAL16RP8, PAL18P4, PAL20CP1, PAL20L8-10, PAL20P2, PAL20R8, PAL20RS10, PAL20RS4, PAL20RS8, PAL20S10

Ricoh: EPL10P8, EPL10P8B, EPL12P6, EPL12P6B, EPL14P4, EPL14P4B, EPL16P2, EPL16P2B, EPL16P8, EPL16P8B, EPL16RP4, EPL16RP4B, EPL16RP6, EPL16RP6B, EPL16RP8

Signetics: 82S100, 82S101, 82S102 (#), 82S103(#), 82S104, 82S105, 82S106, 82S107, 82S150, 82S151, 82S152, 82S153, 82S153A, 82S154, 82S155, 82S156, 82S157, 82S158, 82S159, 82S160 (#), 82S161 (#), 82S162 (#), 82S163 (#), 82S168, PLS100, PLS101, PLS103, PLS105, PLS105A, PLS151, PLS153, PLS153A, PLS155, PLS157, PLS159, PLS161 (#), PLS162 (#), PLS163(#), PLS167, PLS168, PLS173 - (#) Adaptor required

Texas Instruments: PAL16L8A, PAL16L8A2, PLA16R4A, PAL16R4A-2, PAL16R8A, PAL16R8A-2


ZL30A "30A48"

not reduced image here

The 30A48 firmware can be downloaded here :

Figure 30a48set.jpg shows the factory board for release 30A48 mounted in a ZL30A. It is located close to the 6809 processor and plugs directly into socket
IC67 of the motherboard.

It has proven to be quite feasable to construct your own board for a ZL30, functionally equivalent to the factory pcb. The schematic for such a board is
shown in figure 30A48sch.jpg. It consists of 4 UVPROM's, a PAL16R6 (or PAL16V8 as 16R6), a 74LS133 NAND circuit and a 74LS244 data buffer. A good location to mount the board is away from the fan, near the other side of the motherboard and connect it with a cable to socket IC67 (figure ...). Length of the cable is not critical.


The original ZL30 has 4 UVPROMs on the motherboard, each containing 16 kbytes.
Address bits A13 to A0 are used to commonly address the bytes in the UVPROMs,
address bits A15 and A14 of the 6809 through a 2-to-4 decoder are used to activate the "output enable" pin in only one of the 4 sockets on the motherboard.
The 4 UVPROMs fill the 64 kbyte address space of the 6809 processor.
Memory module pins 1 and 39 are reserved for programming purposes and have a fixed value in read operations.

New releases require more data storage. Therefore a way had to be devised to address more than 64 kbytes. This is done by what is called "paging".
A first example of this can be seen in release 30A08. This release has a 16 kbyte "SYS" module in socket IC68 and uses a small pcb with a 64 kbyte UVPROM
plugged in socket IC65. The ZL30 motherboard can only address 16 kbytes per socket, so the bigger UVPROM on the pcb is considered as 4 pages of 16 kbytes
each. Which page responds to an active "output enable" out of socket IC65 is determined by a 2-bit register on the 30A08 pcb.

In release 30A48 the pcb has been extended to contain 4 UVPROMs of 64 kbytes each (IC3, IC4, IC5 and IC6) or a total of 16 pages, only one responding at the time. Sixteen pages can be expressed by a 4-bit number.


This leaves us with the question of how the register bits in release 30A48 are set by the "SYS" code in socket IC68 and how this setting is selecting the output of only one particular page:

The last 16 bytes of each page contain no meaningful data (just FF's).
Therefore the 14-bit address space of these bytes can be used for control purposes. If OE of socket IC67 is active and the pcb receives an address of
1111111111XXYY (A13 through A0) then this is considered a command that stores the page number XXYY on the circuit board in some logical form.

Access of data on each 64 kbyte UVPROM requires 16 address bits (A15-A0) and an active OE. Bits A13 through A0 come from the 6809, bits A15 and A14 are equal to YY. XX is decoded into 4 "output enables" (OE3, OE2, OE1 AND OE0), one for each of the UVPROM's on the pcb, only one active at the time. Four times four equals 16.

pdf printable version of the diagram (28kb)


The control fits nicely in a PAL16R6 with six registered outputs for A15, A14, OE3, OE2, OE1 and OE0.

These outputs should only change when the "command" condition exists. One combinatorial path inside the 16R6 is therefore programmed to provide a clock
pulse to update the registers. The pulse is a positive going pulse on output pin 19 when the following logic condition is met: /OE AND /CE both down
(=active) AND A13 through A4 all one's. Output 19 feeds into clock input 1.

OE comes from the motherboard and is also used in the 74LS244 data buffer to block output data going to the motherboard when socket IC67 is not addressed.
Be aware, always one of the 16 memory pages on the pcb has its output enabled, so this blocking is crucial.

CE (chip enable) is more or less a clock pulse on the motherboard and also used in properly shaping the clock pulse on the circuit board. The logic equations
for the PAL are given in palx.eqn The JEDEC file is given in palx.jed


With more and more data ending up on the circuit board, Stag has included checking of the circuit board in the selftest on power-up. Pages in the
UVPROM's are numbered by the first byte in a page and this is likely what the selftest looks for. The right number 0 to 15 at the right place.

Before testing a finished board, it pays to double check the board wiring and wiring of the cable between board and socket IC67.

A succesful test is greeted with a request to enter the "Dev. code".

Potential error messages and what's causing them could be:

1. Selftest "Fail 1".
Problem: A module is plugged in the ZL30 top board.
Remedy: Remove module.
2. "Page Error 0 7". Touching the "set" key repeatedly displays
"page error 1 7", etc. till finally "page error F 7", followed by "Fail 9".
This means that no page could be found and raises following questions:
- Is the cable plugged into the socket for IC67?
- Error(s) in the cable wiring?
- Error(s) in board wiring or logic operation?
3. "Page Error C 7", followed by "D 7", "E 7", "F 7" and "Fail 9".
Meaning: IC03, IC04 and IC05 on the board can be accessed, IC06 not.
Remedy: Check the wiring of OE3.
4. Problems with other UVPROM's may be signaled likewise.
5. "Page Error 2 0", followed by "3 1", "6 4", "7 5", "A 8", B 9", E 7", "F 7",
"Fail 9"
Cause: A14 address error.
6. Likewise an A15 address problem might result in page errors "1 0", "3 2",
"5 4", "7 6", "9 8", "B 7", "D 7", "F 7", "Fail 9".
Be aware that cable connections 1 and 39 are NOT used on the circuit board and have nothing to do with A15 and A14.

A logic pen may help in the debug, but again, start with a thorough wiring check first.


1. With release 30A48 installed, sockets IC65 and IC66 on the motherboard should be empty. Although it does not hurt, there is no sense in leaving the
release 30A08 pcb, or a pcb for another release, plugged into socket IC65.
2. Construction and verification of the home-made circuit board has been done on a ZL30. There is every indication that it will also work on a ZL30A.
Information about the wiring and PAL contents of the factory pcb, which we currently do not have, would enable us to say this with 100% certainty.
3. IC68 of release 30A48 is listed as a 32 kbyte UVPROM. The lower half of the module, addresses 0000 to 3FFF, is empty (all FF's), the upper half contains
the "SYS" code. In the ZL30 and probably also in the ZL30A this module may be replaced by a 16 kbyte UVPROM, containing the code. Such a module would have a checksum of 74CC instead of 34CC.
4. Set 6 now displays: version 30A48
Set 8 displays information about the RAM contents.
5. The logic inside PAL16R6 may (temporarily) be replaced by a 74LS27 NOR to generate the clock pulse, a 74LS175 flip-flop module and a 74LS139 2-to-4
decoder. It breaks the logic apart and adds flexibility in a difficult debug situation.


The ZL30A programmer "30A48" firmware ( the 30A48 firmware is the one that is supported in the device list of the software stagCom2 ) is composed of IC3, IC4, IC5 and IC6 are burned in an 27C512 eprom, and IC68 in an 27C256 eprom.

The 30A48 firmware can be downloaded here :

the Stag ZL30 / ZL30A programmer with the 30A48 firmware can program the logic devices/devices codes listed here.

List of the devices supported by the 30A48 release:

|  This is a data-file containing the list of the devices which can be      |
|  programmed by the ZL30/A/B logic programmers running under Stag Com 2.   | 
|  This list also applies to the PPZ/Zm2200/Zm2300 programmers, however not | 
|  all of the devices listed are supported by these programmers and if such | 
|  a device is selected then a warning message will be returned by the      |
|  programmer.                                                              |
|                                                                           |
|  Any additions to this list can be achieved by editing this file.         |                           
|                                                                           |
|  There are some simple rules which have to be followed when editing this  |
|  file, to ensure correct interpretation of the data by the main program.  |
|    i) The manufacturers name should always be ALONE at the beginning of   |
|       one line, preceded by # (eg #AMD) with a maximum of 14 characters   |
|       in the name.                                                        |
|   ii) The relevant devices start at the line following their manufacturer |
|       and are of the form :-   Device / Device Code.                      |
|  iii) There must be no more than 255 characters per line. All different   |
|       devices must be separated by a comma and a space: D/DC, D/DC, D...  |
|   iv) Only the first 16 characters of a device name can be displayed on   |
|       the Zl30 series of programmers, so any additional characters will   |
|       not be displayed.                                                   |
|    v) Devices which require additional adaptors or modules before they    |
|       can be accessed should have an bracketed asterisk after the device  |
|       name (eg EP900(*)).                                                 |
|                                                                           |
|  A full-stop indicates the end of the device list for each manufacturer.  |
| This file has been updated to support the following revisions of software |
|       ZL30/A revision 30A48 and ZL30B revision 30B19                      |
EP300/66049,               EP310/67049,              EP320/67137, 
EP330/67232,               EP600/67067,              EP610/67284, 
EP900(*)/67125,            EP910(*)/67125,           EP1210(*)/67101,          

10HPAL20G8(*)/23156,       10HPAL20P8(*)/23157,      AmPAL16H8/90035,
AmPAL16H8A/90035,          AmPAL16H8L/90035,         AmPAL16HD8/90037,
AmPAL16HD8A/90037,         AmPAL16HD8L/90037,        AmPAL16L8/90029,
AmPAL16L8A/90029,          AmPAL16L8AL/90029,        AmPAL16L8B/90029,
AmPAL16L8L/90029,          AmPAL16L8Q/90029,         AmPAL16LD8/90036,
AmPAL16LD8A/90036,         AmPAL16LD8L/90036,        AmPAL16R4/90032,
AmPAL16R4A/90032,          AmPAL16R4AL/90032,        AmPAL16R4B/90032,
AmPAL16R4L/90032,          AmPAL16R4Q/90032,         AmPAL16R6/90031,
AmPAL16R6A/90031,          AmPAL16R6AL/90031,        AmPAL16R6B/90031,
AmPAL16R6L/90031,          AmPAL16R6Q/90031,         AmPAL16R8/90030,
AmPAL16R8A/90030,          AmPAL16R8AL/90030,        AmPAL16R8B/90030,
AmPAL16R8L/90030,          AmPAL16R8Q/90030,         AmPAL18P8/90010,
AmPAL18P8A/90010,          AmPAL18P8AL/90010,        AmPAL18P8B/90010,
AmPAL18P8L/90010,          AmPAL18P8Q/90010,         AmPAL20L8/91056,
AmPAL20L10/91060,          AmPAL20R4/91059,          AmPAL20R6/91058,
AmPAL20R8/91057,           AmPAL20RP4/91150,         AmPAL20RP4A/91150,
AmPAL20RP4AL/91150,        AmPAL20RP4B/91150,        AmPAL20RP6/91151,
AmPAL20RP6A/91151,         AmPAL20RP6AL/91151,       AmPAL20RP6B/91151,
AmPAL20RP8/91152,          AmPAL20RP8A/91152,        AmPAL20RP8AL/91152,   
AmPAL20RP8B/91152,         AmPAL20RP10/91129,        AmPAL20RP10A/91129,   
AmPAL20RP10AL/91129,       AmPAL20RP10B/91129,       AmPAL20XRP4/91122,
AmPAL20XRP4-20/91122,      AmPAL20XRP4-30/91122,     AmPAL20XRP4-30L/91122,
AmPAL20XRP4-40L/91122,     AmPAL20XRP6/91123,        AmPAL20XRP6-20/91123,
AmPAL20XRP6-30/91123,      AmPAL20XRP6-30L/91123,    AmPAL20XRP6-40L/91123,
AmPAL20XRP8/91124,         AmPAL20XRP8-20/91124,     AmPAL20XRP8-30/91124,
AmPAL20XRP8-30L/91124,     AmPAL20XRP8-40L/91124,    AmPAL20XRP10/91134,   
AmPAL20XRP10-20/91134,     AmPAL20XRP10-30/91134,    AmPAL20XRP10-30L/91134,   
AmPAL20XRP10-40L/91134,    AmPAL22P10/91121,         AmPAL22P10A/91121,
AmPAL22P10AL/91121,        AmPAL22P10B/91121,        AmPAL22V10/91070,
AmPAL22V10A/91070,         AmPAL22XP10/91120,        AmPAL22XP10-20/91120,   
AmPAL22XP10-30/91120,      AmPAL22XP10-30L/91120,    AmPAL22XP10-40L/91120,   
AmPAL23S8/90128,           AmPAL23S8-20/90128,       AmPAL23S8-25/90128,   
AmPAL29M16-25/94135,       AmPAL29MA16-25/94136,     MACH110(*)/25253,   
MACH130(*)/25255,          MACH210(*)/25256,         MACH210AQ-15(*)/25256,
MACH210AQ-20(*)/25256,     MACH215(*)/25296,         MACH230(*)/25258,
PAL10H8/20020,             PAL10H8-2/20020,          PAL16L8D/2/95929,
PAL10L8/20025,             PAL10L8-2/20025,          PAL10P8/20018,
PAL12H6/20021,             PAL12H6-2/20021,          PAL12L6/20026,
PAL12L6-2/20026,           PAL12L10/21050,           PAL12P6/20017,
PAL12P10/21071,            PAL14H4/20022,            PAL14H4-2/20022,
PAL14L4/20027,             PAL14L4-2/20027,          PAL14L8/21051,
PAL14P4/20016,             PAL14P8/21072,            PAL16A4/20034,
PAL16C1/20024,             PAL16C1-2/20024,          PAL16CP1/20015,
PAL16H2/20023,             PAL16H2-2/20023,          PAL16L2/20028,
PAL16L2-2/20028,           PAL16L6/21052,            PAL16L8/20029,
PAL16L8-5/95929,           PAL16L8-7/95929,          PAL16L8A/20029,
PAL16L8A-2/20029,          PAL16L8A-4/20029,         PAL16L8B/22029,  
PAL16L8B-2/22029,          PAL16L8B-4/22029,         PAL16L8D/22029,   
PAL16L8H-15/22929,         PAL16P2/20014,            PAL16P6/21073,   
PAL16P8/20038,             PAL16R4/20032,            PAL16R4-5/95932,
PAL16R4-7/95932,           PAL16R4A/20032,           PAL16R4A-2/20032, 
PAL16R4A-4/20032,          PAL16R4B/22032,           PAL16R4B-2/22032,   
PAL16R4B-4/22032,          PAL16R4D/22032,           PAL16R4H-15/22932,   
PAL16R6/20031,             PAL16R6-5/95931,          PAL16R6-7/95931,   
PAL16R6A/20031,            PAL16R6A-2/20031,         PAL16R6A-4/20031,   
PAL16R6B/22031,            PAL16R6B-2/22031,         PAL16R6B-4/22031,   
PAL16R6D/22031,            PAL16R6H-15/22931,        PAL16R8/20030,   
PAL16R8-5/95930,           PAL16R8-7/95930,          PAL16R8A/20030,   
PAL16R8A-2/20030,          PAL16R8A-4/20030,         PAL16R8B/22030,   
PAL16R8B-2/22030,          PAL16R8B-4/22030,         PAL16R8D/22030,
PAL16R8H-15/22930,         PAL16RA8/20019,           PAL16RP4/20013,   
PAL16RP6/20012,            PAL16RP8/20011,           PAL16X4/20033,   
PAL18L4/21053,             PAL18P4/21074,            PAL20C1/21055,   
PAL20CP1/21076,            PAL20L10/21060,           PAL20L10A/21060,
PAL20L2/21054,             PAL20L8/21056,            PAL20L8-10/21056,   
PAL20L8-5/95056,           PAL20L8-7/95056,          PAL20L8A/21056,  
PAL20L8A-2/21056,          PAL20L8B/21056,           PAL20L8B-2/21056,   
PAL20P2/21075,             PAL20R4/21059,            PAL20R4-10/21959,   
PAL20R4-5/95059,           PAL20R4-7/95059,          PAL20R4A/21059,   
PAL20R4A-2/21059,          PAL20R4B/21059,           PAL20R4B-2/21059,   
PAL20R6/21058,             PAL20R6-10/21958,         PAL20R6-5/95058,   
PAL20R6-7/95058,           PAL20R6A/21058,           PAL20R6A-2/21058,
PAL20R6B/21058,            PAL20R6B-2/21058,         PAL20R8/21057,
PAL20R8-10/21957,          PAL20R8-5/95057,          PAL20R8-7/95057,   
PAL20R8A/21057,            PAL20R8A-2/21057,         PAL20R8B/21057,   
PAL20R8B-2/21057,          PAL20RA10/21077,          PAL20RA10A-20/21077,   
PAL20RS10/21080,           PAL20RS4/21078,           PAL20RS8/21079,   
PAL20S10/21081,            PAL20X10/21061,           PAL20X4/21063,   
PAL20X4A/21063,            PAL20X8/21062,            PAL20X8A/21062,   
PAL22V10-10/92070,         PAL22V10-15/91070,        PAL32VX10/21066,
PALC16L8Q-25/24029,        PALC16L8Z/25029,          PALC16R4Q-25/24032,   
PALC16R4Z/25032,           PALC16R6Q-25/24031,       PALC16R6Z/25031,   
PALC16R8Q-25/24030,        PALC16R8Z/25030,          PALC18U8/24193,   
PALC20L8Z/24056,           PALC20R4Z/24059,          PALC20R6Z/24058,   
PALC20R8Z/24057,           PALC20RA10Z/25077,        PALC22V10H/24070,   
PALC22V10H-25/24070,       PALC22V10H-35/24070,      PALCE16V8-7/5/95009,   
PALCE16V8-10/95009,        PALCE16V8-15/95009,       PALCE16V8-25/95009,   
PALCE16V8H-10/4/95009,     PALCE16V8H-15/95009,      PALCE16V8H-15/4/95009,   
PALCE16V8H-20/4/95009,     PALCE16V8H-25/95009,      PALCE16V8Q-10/4/95009,   
PALCE16V8Q-15/95009,       PALCE16V8Q-15/4/95009,    PALCE16V8Q-20/4/95009,   
PALCE16V8Q-25/95009,       16V8 as 10H8/95020,       16V8 as 10L8/95025,   
16V8 as 10P8/95018,        16V8 as 12H6/95021,       16V8 as 12L6/95026,   
16V8 as 12P6/95017,        16V8 as 14H4/95022,       16V8 as 14L4/95027,   
16V8 as 14P4/95016,        16V8 as 16H8/95035,       16V8 as 16L2/95028,   
16V8 as 16L8/95029,        16V8 as 16P2/95014,       16V8 as 16P8/95038,   
16V8 as 16R4/95032,        16V8 as 16R6/95031,       16V8 as 16R8/95030,   
16V8 as 16RP4/95013,       16V8 as 16RP6/95012,      16V8 as 16RP8/95011,   
PALCE20V8-15/94069,        PALCE20V8-25/94069,       PALCE20V8H-10/4/94069,   
PALCE20V8H-15/94069,       PALCE20V8H-15/4/94069,    PALCE20V8H-25/94069,   
PALCE20V8H-25/4/94069,     PALCE20V8Q-15/94069,      PALCE20V8Q-15/4/94069,   
PALCE20V8Q-25/94069,       PALCE20V8Q-25/4/94069,    20V8 as 14H8/94100,   
20V8 as 14L8/94051,        20V8 as 14P8/94072,       20V8 as 16H6/94102,   
20V8 as 16L6/94052,        20V8 as 16P6/94073,       20V8 as 18H4/94104,   
20V8 as 18L4/94053,        20V8 as 18P4/94074,       20V8 as 20H2/94106,   
20V8 as 20H8/94107,        20V8 as 20L2/94054,       20V8 as 20L8/94056,   
20V8 as 20P2/94075,        20V8 as 20P8/94108,       20V8 as 20R4/94059,   
20V8 as 20R6/94058,        20V8 as 20R8/94057,       20V8 as 20RP4/94109,   
PALCE22V10H-10/5/25070,    PALCE22V10H-15/25070,     PALCE22V10H-15/4/25070,   
PALCE22V10H-25/25070,      PALCE22V10H-25/4/25070,   PALCE22V10Q-25/25070,   
PALCE22V10Q-25/4/25070,    PALCE26V12(*)/25209,      PALCE26V12/4(*)/25209,   
PALCE26V12H-20(*)/25209,   PALCE26V12H-25(*)/25209,  PALCE29M16/94135,
PALCE29M16/4/25135,        PALCE29MA16/94135,        PALCE29MA16/4/25136,   
PALCE610/25067,            PLS105/21002,             PLS167/21091,   
PLS168/21097,              PMS14R21/21139,           PAL16R4D/2/95932,
PAL16R6D/2/95931,          PAL16R8D/2/95930,         PAL20L8-10/2/95956,
PAL20R4-10/2/95059,        PAL20R6-10/2/95058,       PAL20R8-10/2/95057,
PAL22V10-7/92070,          PALCE16V8H-5/5/95009,     PALCE16V8H-7/5/95009,
PALCE16V8 as 16H2/95023,   PALCE16V8Z/95009,         PALCE16V8Z-15/5/95009,
PALCE20V8H-5/5/94069,      PALCE16V8H-7/5/94069,     PALCE20V8Q-10/5/94069,
PALCE22V10H-5/5/25070,     PALCE22V10-7/5/25070,     PALCE22V10Q-10/5/25070,
PALCE22V10Z-15/5/25070,    PALCE22V10Z-25/25070,     PALCE20RA10H-15/94077,
PALCE20RA10H-25/94077,     PALCE20RA10Q-15/94077,    PALCE20RA10Q-25/94077,
PALCE20RA10H-15/4/94077,   PALCE20RA10H-25/4/94077,  PALCE20RA10Q-15/4/94077,
PALCE2010Q-25/4/94077,     PALLV16V8Z-30/4/95009.

AT22V10/47070,             ATV22V10L/47070,          ATV750/47165.

100E301(*)/27159,          10E301(*)/27159,          100E302(*)/27161,   
10E302(*)/27161,           PAL22V10C/51070,          PAL22V10D/52070,
PALC16L8A/26029,           PALC16R4A/26032,          PALC16R6A/26031,
PALC16R8A/26030,           PAL16L8-5/51029,          PAL16R4-5/51032,
PAL16R6-5/51031,           PAL16R8-5/51030,          PALC20G10/27068,
PALC20G10B/26068,          PALC22V10/27070,          PALC22V10B/26070,
PLDC20RA10/27077,          PLD610/27067.



HPL77153/54005,            HPL77209/50029,           HPL77210/50032,   
HPL77211/50031,            HPL77212/50030,           HPL77215/50035,   
HPL77216/50038,            HPL77317/50036,           HPL77318/50037,
HPL77319/50039,            HPL77320/50040.

PEEL18CV8(*)/96119,        PEEL20CG10/96068,         PEEL20G10A/97068,
PEEL22CV10/96070,          PEEL22CV10A/97070,        PEEL22CV10A+/97181,
PEEL22CV10Z/96181,         PEEL153/96005,            PEEL173/96096,
PEEL253/96179,             PEEL273/96178.

5C031/64049,               5C032/64137,              5C0312/64238,
5C060/64067,               5C090(*)/64125,           5C121(*)/64101,
85C060/68067,              85C220/64240,             85C224/64252,
85C090(*)/68125,           85C22V10/64283,           85C22V10 as 22V10/64070,
85C22V10 as 22VP10/64140,  iPLD610/68067,            iPLD910/68125,

GAL16V8/76009,             GAL16V8A/76009,           GAL16V8B/76009,   
GAL16V8C/7609,             GAL16V8Z/76009,           GAL16LV8/78009,
GAL18V10/76226,            GAL18V10B/76226,          GAL20RA10/77077,   
GAL20RA10B/77077,          GAL20V8/77069,            GAL20V8A/77069,   
GAL20V8B/77069,            GAL20XV10/77269,          GAL20XV10B/77269,   
GAL20V8C/77069,            GAL20V8Z,77069,           GAL22LV10/78070,
20XV10 as 20L10/77060,     20XV10 as 20X4/77063,     20XV10 as 20X8/77062,   
20XV10 as 20X10/77061,     GAL22V10/77070,           GAL22V10B/77070,
GAL22V10C/77070,           GAL22V10BQ/77070,         isPGAL22V10/75070,
GAL26CV12(*)/77225,        GAL26CV12B(*)/77225,      GAL26CV12C/77225,
GAL6001/77188,             GAL6001B/77188,           GAL6002B/77282,
isPLSI1016(*)/75278,       isPLSI1024(*)/75279,      isPLSI1032(*)/75280,
isPLSI1048(*)/75281,       isPLSI2032(*)/75369,      PLSI1016(*)/75274,         
PLSI1024(*)/75275, PLSI1032(*)/75276, PLSI1048(*)/75277,
PLSI2032(*)/75368, RAL10H8/76020, RAL10L8/76025, RAL10P8/76018, RAL12H6/76021, RAL12L6/76026, RAL12P6/76017, RAL14H4/76022, RAL14H8/77100, RAL14L4/76027, RAL14L8/77051, RAL14P4/76016, RAL14P8/77072, RAL16H2/76023, RAL16H6/77102, RAL16H8/76035, RAL16L2/76028, RAL16L6/77052, RAL16L8/76029, RAL16P2/76014, RAL16P6/77073, RAL16P8/76038, RAL16R4/76032, RAL16R6/76031, RAL16R8/76030, RAL16RP4/76013, RAL16RP6/76012, RAL16RP8/76011, RAL18H4/77104, RAL18L4/77053, RAL18P4/77074, RAL20H2/77106, RAL20H8/77107, RAL20L2/77054, RAL20L8/77056, RAL20P2/77075, RAL20P8/77108, RAL20R4/77059, RAL20R6/77058, RAL20R8/77057, RAL20RP4/77109, RAL20RP6/77110, RAL20RP8/77111. #National GAL16V8/34009, GAL16V8-7/34009, GAL16V8A/34009, GAL16V8QS/34009, GAL20RA10/35077, GAL20V8/35069, GAL20V8-7/35069, GAL20V8A/35069, GAL20V8QS/35069, GAL22V10/35070, GAL22V10ues/34070, GAL6001/35188, PAL10012C4A(*)/33213, PAL10016P4(*)/33159, PAL10016P8(*)/33161, PAL10016RD8(*)/33162, PAL10016RM4(*)/33163, PAL1012C4A(*)/33213, PAL1016P4(*)/33159, PAL1016P8(*)/33161, PAL1016RD8(*)/33162, PAL1016RM4(*)/33163, PAL10H8/30020, PAL10H8A/30020, PAL10H8A2/30020, PAL10L8/30025, PAL10L8A/30025, PAL10L8A2/30025, PAL12H6/30021, PAL12H6A/30021, PAL12H6A2/30021, PAL12L6/30026, PAL12L6A/30026, PAL12L6A2/30026, PAL12L10/31050, PAL12L10A/31050, PAL14H4/30022, PAL14H4A/30022, PAL14H4A2/30022, PAL14L4/30027, PAL14L4A/30027, PAL14L4A2/30027, PAL14L8/31051, PAL14L8A/31051, PAL16C1/30024, PAL16C1A/30024, PAL16C1A2/30024, PAL16H2/30023, PAL16H2A/30023, PAL16H2A2/30023, PAL16L2/30028, PAL16L2A/30028, PAL16L2A2/30028, PAL16L6/31052, PAL16L6A/31052, PAL16L8/30029, PAL16L8A/30029, PAL16L8A2/30029, PAL16L8B/30029, PAL16L8B2/30029, PAL16L8D(*)/80029, PAL16R4/30032, PAL16R4A/30032, PAL16R4A2/30032, PAL16R4B/30032, PAL16R4B2/30032, PAL16R4D(*)/80032, PAL16R6/30031, PAL16R6A/30031, PAL16R6A2/30031, PAL16R6B/30031, PAL16R6B2/30031, PAL16R6D(*)/80031, PAL16R8/30030, PAL16R8A/30030, PAL16R8A2/30030, PAL16R8B/30030, PAL16R8B2/30030, PAL16R8D(*)/80030, PAL16RA8/30019, PAL18L4/31053, PAL18L4A/31053, PAL20C1/31055, PAL20C1A/31055, PAL20L10A/31060, PAL20L2/31054, PAL20L2A/31054, PAL20L8/31056, PAL20L8A/31056, PAL20L8B/31056, PAL20L8D(*)/80056, PAL20R4A/31059, PAL20R4B/31059, PAL20R4D(*)/80059, PAL20R6A/31058, PAL20R6B/31058, PAL20R6D(*)/80058, PAL20R8/31057, PAL20R8A/31057, PAL20R8D(*)/80057, PAL20RA8/31077, PAL20X4/31063, PAL20X4A/31063, PAL20X8/31062, PAL20X8A/31062, PAL20X10/31061, RAL10H8/34020, RAL10L8/34025, RAL10P8/34018, RAL12H6/34021, RAL12L6/34026, RAL12P6/34017, RAL14H4/34022, RAL14H8/35100, RAL14L4/34027, RAL14L8/35051, RAL14P4/34016, RAL14P8/35072, RAL16H2/34023, RAL16H6/35102, RAL16H8/34035, RAL16L2/34028, RAL16L6/35052, RAL16L8/34029, RAL16P2/34014, RAL16P6/35073, RAL16P8/34038, RAL16R4/34032, RAL16R6/34031, RAL16R8/34030, RAL16RP4/34013, RAL16RP6/34012, RAL16RP8/34011, RAL18H4/35104, RAL18L4/35053, RAL18P4/35074, RAL20H2/35106, RAL20H8/35107, RAL20L2/35054, RAL20L8/35056, RAL20P2/35075, RAL20P8/35108, RAL20R4/35059, RAL20R6/35058, RAL20R8/35057, RAL20RP4/35109, RAL20RP6/35110, RAL20RP8/35111. #Ricoh EPL10P8/70045, EPL10P8B/72045, EPL12P6/70047, EPL12P6B/72047, EPL14P4/70046, EPL14P4B/72046, EPL16P2/70044, EPL16P2B/72044, EPL16P8/70048, EPL16P8B/72048, EPL16RP4/70043, EPL16RP4B/72043, EPL16RP6/70042, EPL16RP6B/72042, EPL16RP8/70041, EPL16RP8B/72041, EPL241E/70198. #PLX Technology PLX448/36115, PLX464/36115. #Samsung 16L8/65029, 16R8/65030, 16R6/65031, 16R4/65032, 20L8/65056, 20L10/65060, 20R4/65059, 20R6/65058, 20R8/65057. #Seeq EEPAL20RA10Z/55077. #STM GAL16V8/85009, GAL16V8A/85009, GAL16V8AS/85009, GAL16V8B/85009, GAL16V8S/85009, GAL20V8/86069, GAL20V8A/86069, GAL20V8AS/86069, GAL20V8B/86069, GAL20V8S/86069, GAL6001/86188, RAL10H8/85020, RAL10L8/85025, RAL10P8/85018, RAL12H6/85021, RAL12L6/85026, RAL12P6/85017, RAL14H4/85022, RAL14H8/86100, RAL14L4/85027, RAL14L8/86051, RAL14P4/85016, RAL14P8/86072, RAL16H2/85023, RAL16H6/86102, RAL16H8/85035, RAL16L2/85028, RAL16L6/86052, RAL16L8/85029, RAL16P2/85014, RAL16P6/86073, RAL16P8/85038, RAL16R4/85032, RAL16R6/85031, RAL16R8/85030, RAL16RP4/85013, RAL16RP6/85012, RAL16RP8/85011, RAL18H4/86104, RAL18L4/86053, RAL18P4/86074, RAL20H2/86106, RAL20H8/86107, RAL20L2/86054, RAL20L8/86056, RAL20P2/86075, RAL20P8/86108, RAL20R4/86059, RAL20R6/86058, RAL20R8/86057, RAL20RP4/86109, RAL20RP6/86110, RAL20RP8/86111. #Signetics 82S100/13000, 82S101/13000, 82S102(*)/13001, 82S103(*)/13001, 82S104/13002, 82S105/13002, 82S106/13003, 82S107/13003, 82S150/14004, 82S151/14004, 82S152/14005, 82S153/14005, 82S153A/14005, 82S154/14006, 82S155/14006, 82S156/14007, 82S157/14007, 82S158/14008, 82S159/14008, 82S160(*)/15090, 82S161(*)/15090, 82S162(*)/15094, 82S163(*)/15095, 82S166/15091, 82S167/15091, 82S168/15097, 82S173/15096, 82S179/15130, PHD16N8/10167, PL22V10/12070, PLC153/12005, PLC16V8/12154, PLC18V8/12205, PLC20V8/12155, PLC22V8/12206, PLC415/12177, PLC42VA12/12197, PLC473/12132, PLHS153(*)/10005, PLHS16L8(*)/10029, PLHS18P8A(*)/10010, PLHS18P8B(*)/10010, PLHS473(*)/10132, PLHS501(*)/10133, PLS100/13000, PLS101/13000, PLS103(*)/13001, PLS105/13002, PLS105A/13002, PLS151/14004, PLS153/14005, PLS153A/14005, PLS155/14006, PLS157/14007, PLS159/14008, PLS159A/13008, PLS161(*)/15090, PLS162(*)/15094, PLS163(*)/15095, PLS167/15091, PLS168/15097, PLS173/15096, PLS179/15130, PLUS105/11002, PLUS153/11005, PLUS16L8/11029, PLUS16R4/11032, PLUS16R6/11031, PLUS16R8/11030, PLUS173/11096, PLUS20L8/11056, PLUS20R4/11059, PLUS20R6/11058, PLUS20R8/11057, PLUS405/11138, PLV750/12165. #Texas Instruments EP600/44067, EP610/44067, EP630/44067, EP900(*)/44125, EP910(*)/44125, EP930(*)/44125, PAL16L8A/40029, PAL16L8A2/40029, PAL16R4A/40032, PAL16R4A-2/40032, PAL16R6A/40031, PAL16R6A-2/40031, PAL16R8A/40030, PAL16R8A-2/40030, TIB82S105A/43002, TIB82S105B/43002, TIB82S167A/41091, TIB82S167B/41091, TIBPAD16N8-7/42167, TIBPAD18N8-6/42171, TIBPAL16L8-5/43029, TIBPAL16L8-7/43029, TIBPAL16L8-10/45029, TIBPAL16L8-12/42029, TIBPAL16L8-15/42029, TIBPAL16L8-25/42029, TIBPAL16R4-5/43032, TIBPAL16R4-7/43032, TIBPAL16R4-10/45032, TIBPAL16R4-12/42032, TIBPAL16R4-15/42032, TIBPAL16R4-25/42032, TIBPAL16R6-5/43031, TIBPAL16R6-7/43031, TIBPAL16R6-10/45031, TIBPAL16R6-12/42031, TIBPAL16R6-15/42031, TIBPAL16R6-25/42031, TIBPAL16R8-5/43030, TIBPAL16R8-7/43030, TIBPAL16R8-10/45030, TIBPAL16R8-12/42030, TIBPAL16R8-15/42030, TIBPAL16R8-25/42030, TIBPAL20L8-5/43056, TIBPAL20L8-7/43056, TIBPAL20L8-10/43056, TIBPAL20L8-15/42056, TIBPAL20L8-25/42056, TIBPAL20R4-5/43059, TIBPAL20R4-7/43059, TIBPAL20R4-10/43059, TIBPAL20R4-15/42059, TIBPAL20R4-25/42059, TIBPAL20R6-5/43058, TIBPAL20R6-7/43058, TIBPAL20R6-10/43058, TIBPAL20R6-15/42058, TIBPAL20R6-25/42058, TIBPAL20R8-5/43057, TIBPAL20R8-7/43057, TIBPAL20R8-10/43057, TIBPAL20R8-15/42057, TIBPAL20R8-25/42057, TIBPAL20L10/42060, TIBPAL20X4/42063, TIBPAL20X8/42062, TIBPAL20X10/42061, TIBPAL22V10-20/42070, TIBPAL22V10-25/42070, TIBPAL22VP10/42140, TICPAL16L8-55/44029, TICPAL16R4-55/44032, TICPAL16R6-55/44031, TICPAL16R8-55/44030, TICPAL22V10Z T/44070, TICPAL22V10Z ZP/44243, TIEPAL100H16P8-6/43161, TIEPAL10H16P8-6/43161. #VTI GAL16V8/60009, GAL20V8/61069, RAL10H8/60020, RAL10L8/60025, RAL10P8/60018, RAL12H6/60021, RAL12L6/60026, RAL12P6/60017, RAL14H4/60022, RAL14H8/61100, RAL14L4/60027, RAL14L8/61051, RAL14P4/60016, RAL14P8/61072, RAL16H2/60023, RAL16H6/61102, RAL16H8/60035, RAL16L2/60028, RAL16L6/61052, RAL16L8/60029, RAL16P2/60014, RAL16P6/61073, RAL16P8/60038, RAL16R4/60032, RAL16R6/60031, RAL16R8/60030, RAL16RP4/60013, RAL16RP6/60012, RAL16RP8/60011, RAL18H4/61104, RAL18L4/61053, RAL18P4/61074, RAL20H2/61106, RAL20H8/61107, RAL20L2/61054, RAL20L8/61056, RAL20P2/61075, RAL20P8/61108, RAL20R4/61059, RAL20R6/61058, RAL20R8/61057, RAL20RP4/61109, RAL20RP6/61110, RAL20RP8/61111, VP10P8U/60045, VP12P6U/60047, VP14P4U/60046, VP16P2U/60044, VP16P8U/60048, VP16RP4U/60043, VP16RP6U/60042, VP16RP8U/60041. #Waferscale SAM448(*)/74208.

ZL30 with firmware rev 30-39 (from set 6 cmd after selecting a valid device code)

here you'll find the binary contents of the 4 27128 eprom P1, P2, P3, P4 :

ZL30_P1.BIN (16Kb - Shift-Click to download)

ZL30_P2.BIN (16Kb - Shift-Click to download)

ZL30_P3.BIN (16Kb - Shift-Click to download)

ZL30_P4.BIN (16Kb - Shift-Click to download)

P1 - chksum 800D
P2 - chksum A63F
P3 - chksum 032B
P4 - chksum 60D7


30-40 firmware

stag ZL30 30-40 firmware (ZIP Archive - 60Kb)


SYS Eprom 27128 checksum 50A5

OV1 Eprom 27128 checksum 032B

OV0 Eprom 27128 checksum 5A8F

OV2 Eprom 27128 checksum 800D

A page out of a 1989 Signetics Data Handbook about software/hardware requirements PR-GUIDE.PDF (59Kb)

Article for the electronic engineering times written by a reviewer of the Stag ZL30A (txt format)
Electronic Engineering times article "Dedicated PLD programmer: Stag Microsystem's ZL30A by Jon Gabay" (html format)



Stag ZL30A Logic Programmer with Stag 30A640 Expansion Module*


other version of Stag ZL30/A firmware 30A28 board

<click on image to enlarge>

30A28 IC68 (.BIN 16Kb checksum 0A03)

30A28 IC65 (.BIN 64Kb checksum 05B4)

version 30A28. It has the small PCB like the 30A08 firmware. It also has another PCB with an EPROM and some logic, like the 30A48 version with four. Unfortunately the EPROM on that board is soldered in place.


You may see Also Stag ZL30B PLD programmer resources page



If you look forward for other information about this Stag Microsystems Logic Programmer, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: .
Important Notice: Also if you have any data about this programmer, adapter diagrams, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.

Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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