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Firmware DATAIO 201 Eprom U35 27C256 Checksum (Binary File .BIN - 32Kb) Shift-Click to download - This firmware can only handle Xicor X2212 eeprom




Firmware DATAIO 201 Eprom U35 V.3.0 27C256 (Binary File .BIN 32Kb) Shift-Click to download

Dataio RS232 Cable

Dataio Devices list A digitized list for supported device types made from the original data i/o very big wall chart poster

Documentation : Documentation DATAIO 200 series programmer ( PDF - 209 pages - 6.8Mb)

howto connect DATAIO 201 programmer to Hyperterminal

DATAIO 201 programmer devices list

Howto use tips: RS232 Cable pinout DB25 - DB9

To use the DATAIO 201 under Windows XP you have to use the DOSBOX software and start Promlink from it.

Note that you have to use Promlink V.2.6 or 3.4 (upper revision no longer support the DATAIO 201)

Then All should work, you can read an eprom , start some tests.

It can be useful to use this format files converter (srecord: ),

The software is like the programmer so not easy to use.

Do not use srecord mais but BIN2MOT which translate binary files into Srecord Motorola format

The Release of promLink can be downloaded from here

Then it should work correctly.




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