CD-ROM Drive Unit Model A52T IDE host interface resources page

it includes a stop/eject and Play/skip push-buttons in the front side and operates at 52x max speed

This IDE/AT drive unit is based on the chip from Winbond W88227F which includes a IDE interface and a 8032 microcontroller.

Eprom AMIC A276308AL-70 datasheet (PDF-174Kb - 14 pages) - This Eprom from AMIC A276308AL can be read like a ATMEL AT27C512R for example

binary file T172A.bin (64Kb - binary format Chksum 2CBE)

disassembled source T172A.src (asm 8051 - 1.28Mb)


TC9450AF (Toshiba)


EliteMT M10811664A-35J memory

TA8499F from Toshiba

FAN8024D from Fairchild



ceramic resonator 33.86M

 factors that affect reliable writing of CDs & later , factors that affect reading of these Discs... Audio CD facts & information - Main Page

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