DATAI/O 212 resources page
DATAIO Programmer 200 Series Resources Page- Programmateur de composants DATAIO 212.

Dataio RS232 Cable

Dataio Devices list A digitized list for supported device types made from the original data i/o very big wall chart poster

dataio 212 multi programmer connector card pinouts etc.

this archive dataio212.ZIP (ZIP Archive - 1.23Mb) includes :
- release 5.3 of firmware for the two 27C512 U41 et U42 in .bin format
- Dataio 212 schematics
dataio212 schematics
- devices list for release 5.3
- how to modify the 212 programmer in order to make it working with EPROMS and not with the PCMCIA card

cable information to connect the programmer to a P.C.
The port pinout is neither RS232 or Parallel PC cable compatible but a mix of both. Using standard of-the-shelf cables or either type will not work - attached the pinout info and recommended cable configuration for both types.

repair note:

It has been observed dataio 212 programmer with message '' error 64 Dram '' indicating chip Ux in failure, replaced all 8 dram Ics without success; after each power on, it indicates the same message but with a different chip : U3 to U10 in random,

the program did this error from time to time after long time operating but now this appears in the seltest after powerup

all capacitors have been changed all ics put on socket :

the cause of the problem was finally the fact that the voltage regulator mounted on heatsink was not well fastened with the screw even if there were contact nuts ; contact should not have been enough even if voltage could be measured ok it must be a current failure on these old units.

here download the DATA I/O 200 Series Manual (209 pages / Archive size 6.6Mbytes)

howto connect DATAIO 212 programmer to Hyperterminal (english version) DATAIO 212 programmer devices list

here you can find PROMlink 6.02 software ( this software archive 444Kb Shift-Click to Download)

Watch for Data I/O model 19 or 29B with a Unipak. These will program your PROMs and I have the software for running these with a PC....
Manual Unipak2 previously hosted by available here. (PDF 6.98Mb - 76 Pages) new link

1) The 29B and LogicPaks we had we for 16L/16R type PALs. I believe they are still available. However, in terms of supporting newer devices, I think
you are out of luck.

2) As I recall, the LogicPaks supported devices from particular vendors, or the generic 16L/R types.

3) The D connector is a RS-232 interface. I think it defaults to 1200, maybe 9600.

4) I'm not sure what you mean by "preset". If there are DIP switches, these probably set baud rate and handshaking.

5) There is a way to program devices with just a terminal. If I remember correctly, I would take one of the PAL maps in the databook, copy it, and mark the fuses I wanted to burn. There was a way to enter the fuse number and whether to blow it or not. If you can get the RS-232 interface working, there might be some "on-line" help; try "?", "H", or "help"

If you are looking at more complex logic, you might want to consider something like the MAX7000 family from Altera. It is programmable in circuit and allows way more functionality than a good old PAL of the 29B era. Altera offers free software also! ( Xilinx and other FPGA vendors probably offer similar products.

DATAIO29B Programmer Resources

DATAIO 29B Operating Manual (154 pages , 10.69MB) Yar is a tool for communicating with 1980s Data I/O universal programmers. The original software is written for DOS and does not work on modern hardware.


DATAIO 21A Programmer Operating Manual (25 pages PDF - 3.18Mb)


DATAIO system 19 Operating Manual (German) (PDF - 50 pages - 9.59Mb)

DATAIO system 19 devices list (PDF- 5 pages - 423Kb)


DATAIO Model 60A Logic programmer (ZIP Archive - 360Kb) Software that allow to emulate Élan C41, Élan 5000, Datai/o 29B et Datai/o 0288 programmers.
This software was used to load EPROMs of Alcatel 2600 Autocom during release Changes of the pabx software. huge quantity of EPROMs in these autocom.The software works under MS-DOS; to start the software you have to execute "BDCLIENT.BAT",You must also create a directory on c:\ with name "BDTELIC" and copy all the files in it.
In the ZIP Archive there is a Télic database which is here to understand the mechanism of the operating software. It allows to read binary files and to send them with there contents to the blank EPROM via the programmer.



If you look forward for other information about these DataI/O device Programmers, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: .
Important Notice: Also if you have any data about this programmer, adapter diagrams, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.

Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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