Carte µ-PROC 1 et 2 ILV Mk1 Laserdisc Philips à base de µP 8049
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UPD8049 Based interface card


Components of these cards


NEC UPD8049PC @ 6Mhz
Eprom SGS M2716F1 830127 E&I LASERV. MPC1 (CHECKSUM AC3A- 2Kb)

MPC1.src Disassembled Firmware 1(50Kb)
National INS8208BN

Motorola MC1488L, MC1489AL

µ-PROC.2 ILV MK1 card

NEC UPD8049PC microprocessor @6 Mhz
Eprom SGS M2716 830128 E&I LASERVISION MPC2 (CHECKSUM 1929 - 2Kb)

MPC2.src Disassembled Firmware 2(49Kb)
74LS373, 3x HEF4104BP Quadruple low to high voltage translator with 3-state outputs, 2x MC14052BCP Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers , HEF4031BP 64-stage static shift register, HEF4528BP Dual Monostable Multivibrator, HEF4030 Quadruple exclusive-OR Gate, HEF4066BP Quadruple bilateral switches

HEF4030 is associated to a CSB500E ceramic resonator

Other card from the same equipment: See 112.htm

Philips Laser Vision Player Service Manual (PDF - 95 Pages 10.86Mb)

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