CANON MD 5501 Canon Electronics K-61432-16




The main card K36-0189-04 integrates :

2 very small 5-pins connectors (2 x 5 wires for the magnetic head)

IC1 : Fujitsu MB8855A 1044M @ 4MHz (PQFP-48) datecode 8833

IC2 : Motorola MC2871A 8F31 datecode 8826 (PQFP-44) READ/WRITE Amplifier

MC2871A: See diagram page 53

Motorola MC2871A cross reference SONY CX20185 Sanyo LA8200M r/w amplifier (equivalent to Sony CX20185 and Motorola MC28719)

IC3 : Toshiba 74HC74A (SO-14)

IC4, IC9: Toshiba 74HC02

IC5 : Toshiba 74HC14A

IC6 : ULN2003A (DIP-16)

IC7, IC8: Mitsubishi LS38-1

IC10 : Texas Instruments 74HC05

IC11 : Toshiba 74HC123


motor SST-20C12OL W200122 12V069A 8X07 Seiko Epson Corp.

Compaq Spare part *89014* Floppy-disc controller design must begin with the basics AN917 Motorola Application Note : reading and writing in floppy disk systems using Motorola integrated circuits Digital Archaeology: Recovering your Digital History

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