Floppy Disk reader SONY MFD-17W-00 DateCode 9008

The interface card LG-36 (SONY ASCO) ref 1-634-147-11L includes:

  • a chip CXA8007Q (datecode 9025KZB11 JAPAN)
  • a chip Hitachi HA13421 (marking 0F A13421 ) See the datasheet in PDF file: HA13421A.pdf (Shift-Click to download- 102Ko)
  • The ceramic crystal oscillator (3 pins) has this marking (M)4914A 06 2
  • A slide switch S/O to set the 'ID of the fd reader from 0 to 3 (set to 1 = PC/AT)
  • a NPN transistor TPS101 from Sprague in TO92 case with marking N 5 G
  • a motor (for the head moving) is a MINEBA 1-541-532-12 Lot No 0570A 08BJ-H038-01



    The motor card MT-19 includes :

  • a Chip BA6474FP ( marking BA6474FP 008 134 )

    the motor for the rotation of the disk is a SONY MODEL MP-F17W-04 SMM Made in Malaysia 4-617-642-30 .

    in front there is an orange led.

    the magnetic head sensor has the marking -2SB 07A17

    Un photo interrupter TLP1020 on the back of the unit to detect that the head is at the end side has the marking 1020-W1 02H

    http://alexfru.narod.ru/emiscdocs.html Cf. floppy.zip et resources de programmation des lecteurs FDD -FDC/FDD (Floppy) Programming Docs

    http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/37c78.pdf a current production floppy controller

    See https://www.servicesplus.sel.sony.com/sony-part-number-874901115.aspx

    Please Refer to this documentation (Shift-Click to Download , 532 Kb) to get information about the Sony Floppies Jumper Configuration : Note for a P.C. Computer you need to select the slide switch at the DS/1 Position, and for an Atari Microcomputer you need to select DS/0 Position (which is the position the nearest from the card end side).

    http://www.tavi.co.uk/ps2pages/ohland/floppy.html Floppy Drive

    Sony floppy MPF920Z manual (PDF- 2 pages - 154Kb)




    If you are looking forward some data or repair parts about this floppy reader, you can contact me by e-mail at matthieu.benoit@free.fr

    Si vous recherchez des informations ou des pieces de maintenance pour ce lecteur floppy, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : matthieu.benoit@free.fr

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