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RDSE2T RDS decoder with clock for the 2-line mini-terminal-main board

MC68HC811E2FN, MC68HC11A1FN, MC68HC11A1P, MC68HC11E1FN programmer : interface to be used with hcload or pcbug11.

PLD_Analyzer ISA interface - works with a Quick Basic program to retrieve the truth table of a 20-pin pal device


PLD_Analyzer ISA interface (solder side)


Stag ZL30 logic programmer 30A08 to 30A48 firmware upgrade

MC68HC11E1-based melodies card- Carillon à base du MC68HCP11E1FN de Motorola (uses the Output Compare) as described in the Ekektor Design Contest from JC Delbarre

ST6 based melody - Carillon à base du ST62E25 ( based from the article of E. QUAGLIOZZI published in Electronique Radio-Plans)

Stag ZL30A08 to ZL30A48 firmware upgrade for the Stag ZL30 logic programmer

80C32-based Telcom interface - I2C-DTMF Dialer and 73K321 modem IC

Freescale MC9S08DZ60 mpu Jtag programmer Adapter

PULSADIS Receiver Freescale MC9S08DZ60 + Maxim MAX267CNG+


Stag 68MR00 interface to read MC68705R3/U3/R5/U5 with the NUM mode (Non-User Mode)

Stag PP39 4M-bit memory upgrade

CIDFR Motorola MC68HC11A1P-based callid decoder unit

RS232- Call-id interface

Motorola MC68HC11A1FN-based callid unit CIDPlus

Décodeur EJP - Système Pulsadis

compteur tempo

compteur de jours EJP

Compteur de jours rouges Tempo/EJP basé sur le microcontrôleur ST62E20 de SGS-Thomson

Horloge à marées : Sablier des hauteurs d'eau basé sur le Microcontrôleur MC68HC811E2FN de Motorola

AMD MACH130 programming adapter for HILO ALL-03 & ALL-07

Serrure codée à base du MC68705P3

programming adapter to read/program MC68HC11A1P with SMS Sprint Expert programmer

Six-digits led display clock based on the Atmel AT89C4051 microcontroller

Intel 80C32-based telcom interface


MC68B02 - MC68B21 microcomputer

Philips TDA7010T base Radio F.M. 2mm thick

Variateur pour perceuse

4Mbit memory expansion card for the stag pp39 programmer

SAC-201 ISA Card

SAC201 Isa Card


SIMM 30-pin memory modulesntest adapter for hilo all-03 programmer


Compteur Tempo

 Motorola MC68705P5 Bootstrap program readout

relais EJP - pulsadis

ADP-MACH1 adapter AMD MACH130/230/435 programming adapter for HILO ALL-03 & ALL-07

Relais EJP - pulsadis

SAC201 ISA Card

CIDplus Card







Relais EJP CP15

MC68HC11A1P (DIP-48) - MC68HC11A1FN (PLCC-52) Adapter

 Motorola MC68705S3 Bootstrap program read out



cidncse caller id unit

telcom 8051


Hilo All-11 programmer adapter to test 2114 SRAM by testing a 6264 SRAM

Maxim Integrated DS89C450 prototype board

Maxim Integrated DS89C450 DS1307 Clock System prototype

Relais pulsadis heures creuses EDF CP14


Relais pulsadis heures creuses EDF CP15 avec led

Siemens SDA2506 programming adapter

MC68HCP11E1FN Melody Card



ST62E25 Melody card

10 octobre, 2021

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