short note:

This card has been developped by Roger Schaefer (USA) A

It is described in details in the project page A ; the difference between Version 1 and Version 4 is that in Version 4 there is the place to connect the SUB-D 9 connector for the serial connexion.

2L_Rev4.pdf (PDF- 10Kb)

2_line (PDF - 140Kb)

This card is useful to developp little applications with a MC68HC811E2 for example or a MC68HC711E9;

The MC68HC811E2 contains 2Kb of reprogrammable EEPROM :

while the MC68HC711E9 contains bigger eprom (12Kb) but is OTP (One time Programmable) :

It contains a little prototyping area with almost all interesting lines of the microcontroller.

It includes a connexion to a 2x40 Characters LCD Display and a connexion to a P.C. keyboard (PS/2 Mini-Din) connector..

With such a card you can program and read MC68HC11 devices by using the freeware software HCLOAD available here
A by connecting it to the serial line of a P.C.

Application I have done with this card :

* Radio Data System (R.D.S.) information display and time display by using the TDA7330 (ST) chip and a little fm radio based on the TA2003P (Toshiba) chip [RC 601 radio receiver]


rdse2t.asm source compiled with AS11 freeware Assembler AS11V103 (Zip Archive - 34Kb)

rdse2t.s19 (S19 - 4Kb) (Archive ZIP - 21Kb)

deco-rds (PDF- 46Kb)



other resources :

* TEST_LCD routine to control the LCD of the mini-terminal board
asm file: testlcd.asm ( ASM- 5Kb) source to be compiled with AS11 freeware Assembler AS11V103 (Zip Archive - 34Kb)

testlcd.s19 (S19 - 1Kb)
archive (ZIP Archive - 4Kb)


last update: 16 août, 2021