Monitor / Debugger Card Micro11 for the MC68HC11A1P Microcontroller


This Monitor/ Debugger Card is based on the work of Mr Grant Beattie.

It helps in the design of applications around the microcontroller MC68HC11A1P (DIL version) @ 4.9152 MHz.

Schematics, PCB, and How to use is given in the file : micro11.pdf Archive 134Ko Shift-Click to download

Micro11 original Schematics

Content of the 27128 EPROM (base Address $0C000) : micro11.s19 code EPROM 38Ko Shift-Click to download

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Unit01 Micro Design2 Lab #1 Designing with the ICC11 C Compiler

Unit02 Micro Design2 Lab #2 Digital to Analog Converters

Unit03 Micro Design2 Lab #3 Analog to Digital Converters

Unit04 Micro Design2 Lab #4 Liquid Crystal Displays Interfacing, programming & applications

Unit05 Micro Design2 Lab #5 68hc11 interrupts and the timer subsystem

VT100 ESCape Codes

HC11/ Micro11 Interrupt summary

Micro11 68HC11 Monitor Program User's Manual


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Last Update: 13 juillet, 2020