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shows a sticker on the side which says "To select List option change DIL switch 5 & 8 and use SOUT"

For the XP640 "SOUT" reads from memory and send the data in the selected format and "List" is one of the formats. So I believe that there is a SOUT option accessible from the MODE key which reads form the master EPROM and the DIP switches select the format to be used.
Appendix A of the XP640 manual shows the possible formats.

The GP9010 must have the SOUT command otherwise the serial port serves no purpose.

firmware P9020 V1.9A 27128 (.BIN - 16Kb)

bipolar PROM P9002 TBP18S030 (.BIN - 1Kb)



the P9020 production programmer is a eprom copier : it exists models with no serial/parallel interface

I am looking for the manual of the P9020 programmer/copier if you have any informations thank you to send it to me.

P9000 series programmer brochure ( PDF - 3 pages - 6.76Mb)

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