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The article talks about the best PCB design software tools available in the market today and provides answers to the following questions:

What is PCB design software and why do you need it?

What is the evaluation criteria for PCB design software?

What are the key features to look for when choosing PCB design tools?

What are other recommended PCB design software tools? Welcome to the new home of the PLD Archive

Lucent Techologies Altera EP320 to PEEL18CV8 ICT WINPLACE User's Manual

winplace and opaljr, winplace is at (see link for download winplace 2.1 at the end of the page, is at!Al2JgiX7_qf0imPVKdwmKVLKvBzi
and opaljr is at together

PLDtest pldtest software is useful to automatically generate test vectors that check all possible combinations of inputs/outputs of a digital circuit. LES CIRCUITS PROGRAMMABLES AVEC ORCAD

ST GAL devices programmer Starter Kit logic lab 2000 software from Programmable logic Tech. (PLT Inc) to communicate with programmer through serial interface & compile .pld files into jedec; software can operate without the programmer connected.

Vantis product Menu


Abel looking for old Atmel and Altera CPLDs Old CUPL for DOS


LATTICE ISP SYNARIO Software ISP Encyclopedia Databook, ISP Design Soft. January 1997  


vantis_ddirect.iso - (ISO image - 68.6Mb) Vantis Design Direct Vista license.dat

VANTIS Design Direct Complete Programmable Logic Solution
Version 1.1  

license.dat file download
Viewlogic demo (CAE), disk 1 ; disk2 pour ceux qui s'intéressent au merveilleux extraordinaire
genial etc etc ;-) logiciel Viewlogic, il y a une petite demo pour PC ca tient sur quelques Moctets PAL and GAL programmers ABEL Design Manual Version 8.0 Kit AEE5205 CPLD STARTER O "coração" da coisa: XC9536XL, mas da pra colocar o XC9572 no lugar
xc_jtag53.pdf Using the JTAG Interface as a General-Purpose Communication Port MACHXL Version 2.1 Freeware MACHXL Software User's Guide John's FPGA Page Using the PAL device reader Cloning a PAL/HAL PLDTool - CPLD/FPGA programming tool JEDEC standard - Standard data transfer Format between Data Preparation System and programmable logic device programmer JESD3-C June 1994

Atmel Winucpl Sanguino based PAL reader Sanguino based device reader USB On-The-Go Dual Role Controllers, ISP1362 USB On-The-Go Dual Role Controllers, ISP1362

FPGA on a board


  • Or direct from the makers (same price) and can get add-on boards at the same time.

    - for peripheral boards the digilent board is limited for system-on-a-chip work not so much by the smaller FPGA, but by the limited memory, and limited non-volatile memory. I currently have a 32-bit soft core running from block ram, and am rapidly running out of space. On the other hand, I have a hard disk interface, so if I add instruction/data memory multiplexing, I can boot some additional code from disk to the on-board SRAM.

    This more expensive nuhorizons board does look better for SoC work - a bit more block ram in the larger FPGA, but mostly a lot more on-board memory and flash. The problem though in my mind is the 20 io's - I think it would take some multiplexing to squeeze in everything I need. I could probably turn my IDE disk interace into a typical intel-style 16 bit I/O bus within those 20 pins, but might end up needing a small additional PLD (or whatever a 74ls138 is called in 3.3v logic) to do adddress decode for various other peripherals,like video DAC.



  • I have been looking at this Spartan3 , am a FPGA beginner also

    It seems like tou get a lot of value for the $70 more than the Xilinx devel board. I guess this could run a real linux with 64MB Ram.

    Or this Xess : You get a lot less on this board compared to the nuhorizon ,but you get 1 mill gates.

    The Xess is not 5v tolerant , wonder if its the same with the nuhorizon. I might think so , as it says it has 20 3.3v io lines

    have been aware of the 20 pin limit also , but the again im a beginner..

    Seems like a tonzz of gates , but the i need to add ram/flash to get something, line ethe nu horizon , and i am a noob (almost) in making electronics.

  • This new Altrium (Protel) board seems like a Xilinx/Digilent but with a 400K Gates Fpga.

    Programmation Altera EPM7032 ou EPM3032 ou ALTERA en général:

    Programmation ALTERA EPM7032 avec le HILO ALL-03 , ALL-07 , Sunshine Expro-60 , Expro-80

    Sur la page perso (rubrique logique programmable), fait un montage a base de composant Altera. Le composant se programme par le biais d'un cordon blaster (schema dispo sur le site Altera, juste quelques composants ). Voir la réalisation faisant appel à ByteBlaster Alessandro Zummo, Electronics - GALs programming use a GAL22v10 as a substitute for an 82s123 PROM How to create a Jedec File PALASM Free Software for Pals : PALASM 4 V1.5 is a compiler for PLD's and PAL's devices. This software has just recently been placed in the public domain, i.e. shareware, because of this, we can offer this powerful software in our class. schéma platine d'initiation pour le cpld EPM7128SLC84 PCB de la carte EPM (fichier .PS) cable de liaison byteblaster aller à la page programme de test Programmateur ALTERA This web-page provides a number of example files for AHDL circuit descriptions using Altera Max+Plus II.

    You may want to take a look at Advin, . I have had good results with a Pilot U40 that I bought when I was programming Pals & Gals. The software updates are free. NAXJP project Nahitafu XILINX-CPLD JTAG Programming tool - Boundary Scan ispLSI Download Cable

  Simple GAL Programmer - Programmateur simple de GAL PROGRAMMING SMALL PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES

    PLD design software

    If you want to write small programs in VHDL for some old type PAL's, you can use PALASM. It's a old dos program but easy to use. You can fined it on the internet e.q. and it is now freeware

    Take a look at Intel's excellent PLDShell - it's free. PLDSHELL release 2.1
    user guide PLDSHELL relrase 4.0

    VHDL Compiler and Simulator DigitalTechnik Course


    Programmateurs de PALs avec sources en c (le vieux RGBPLD et le nouveau alta2000)

    des infos plus ou moins completes (GALBlast+PALTOGAL) (Replika einer alten GALBlast Version) réplique d'une autre version du galblast Gal Programmer XC9576 Liens PALS,PLDS,FPGA ; Consulter aussi Ist fuer die Lattice JTAG Programmierschnittstelle. Haben nicht alls Gals/Pals, aber ich wurde eh 'nen MA4 oder MA5 nehmen - so nach und nach sterben die Gals/Pals aus. M. Simple PAL Programmer Microprocesador CISC de 8 bits para FPGA

    Programmateur de GAL GALBLAST Welcome to MaWin's little place on the Web GALBLAST Compilateur / Désassembleur pour PAL et GAL : OPAL jr de Harris Semiconductor.

    La pratique des GALs

    Les circuits intégrés ERP

    Serrure codée à Clavier

    Un CI de commande de moteur pas à pas

    Décodeur 7 segments sur mesure

    Un CI décodeur pour carte d'extension de P.C.

    Périphériques programmables PSD 3XX WSI

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