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Inventory of Electronic Hardware.

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: 26 mars, 2016

PC Hardware

Intel Pentium II @350 MHz Linux Suse 9.1/ Windows XP / Win98SE

Amd Athlon X2 64 @ 2.3 GHz Windows Vista

Compaq Prolinea Pentium 75 MHz Linux redhat 6.2 / Win98SE

Agfa SnapScan 1236S SCSI interface Scanner

Canon IP4000 inkjet printer

Hilosystem ALL-03 pc-based universal programmer & tester with SAC-201 ISA Card

Hilosystem ALL-07 parallel port universal programmer & tester

Hilo Adapters for MACH-130/230 EPLDs; adapter for plcc-44 Intel 8751 / 87C51 microcontrollers; adapters for Microchip PIC16C5X ADP-PIC16 and PIC12C508/PIC12C508A ADP-PIC12C5X/-S

Stag PP39 MOS Programmer with Eprom & EEprom Module 39M100 + Microprocessor Module 39M200 ; adapter 68MR00 for MC68705U3/R3 read-out

SMS Sprint Expert with TOP40DIP, TOP1PLC(plcc-84 max.) and TOP3PLC(plcc-20, plcc-28 and plcc-32rect) tops with ISA Card model S100

Adapter to read/program the 512 Bytes of EEPROM of Motorola (freescale) MC68HC11A1P Microcontroller (DIP-48 package) with SMS Sprint Expert programmer & TOP1PLC top

DATAIO Chiplab parallel port universal device programmer

Motorola MC68705P3 stand-alone reader/ programmer / copier CH102 kit

PCB101 Microchip Microcontrollers serial programmer ; adapters for PIC16F873, PIC16F676.

USB Multilink Interface P&E MICRO freescale Enabled Rev.C 1.8V-5.0V for RS08-HCS08 HC(S)12(X)- Coldfire(r)V1 part #USB-ML-12E

XESS Corp XS40 (c)1998 Xilinx XC4010XL(tm)PC84CMN parallel port programming card

ISA Card PLD Analyzer truth table for secured PALs read out

Adapter to test SIMM Memory Modules with Hilo programmers

Melody card with MC68HC11E1FN microcontroller

Melody Card with ST62E25B6HWD microcontroller

MC6802 Microcomputer

PIC16F873A pulsadis decoder EJP

PIC16F676 pulsadis decoder EJP

FM Radio with MC68HC811E2-based Radio Data System decoder

MC68HC811E2-based Tide Clock

Apple computer ImageWriter dot-matrix printer (works with IBM PC and Apple2)

Apple //e microcomputer with 3 disk II floppy, mouse, paddle, & other hardware/software

Hifi audio amplifier Electronic Speed Control Philips D5420

Isolated transformer

DVM890 Velleman multimeter



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: 26 mars, 2016