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Inventory of Electronic Hardware.

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: 31 janvier, 2021

PC Hardware

Intel Pentium II @350 MHz Linux Suse 9.1/ Windows XP / Win98SE Bios Award


Bios 2A69KH2BC esupport

Intel Pentium III @1GHz Compaq Deskpro EN Linux Suse 9.1 / Windows XP / Win98SE Bios 2.12

Amd Athlon X2 64 @ 2.3 GHz Windows Vista

Intel Core i7 Lenovo ideapad 510 Windows 10 64-bit

Compaq Prolinea Intel Pentium 75 MHz Linux redhat 6.2 / Win98SE

Apple iMac 27" Intel Core i6 2.7GHz Mac OS 10.13.6

Agfa SnapScan 1236S SCSI interface Scanner - SCSI ISA interface - software scanwise 1236S AGFA (Windows XP)

Canon MG6250 inkjet printer

Brother DCP-L2530DW series laser printer copier

Brother HL-5350DN laser printer

Hilosystem ALL-03 pc-based universal programmer & tester with SAC-201 ISA Card

Hilosystem ALL-07 parallel port universal programmer & tester

Hilo Adapters for MACH-130/230 EPLDs; adapter for Intel 8751 / 87C51 plcc-44 microcontrollers; adapters for Microchip PIC16C5X ADP-PIC16 and PIC12C508/PIC12C508A ADP-PIC12C5X/-S, adapter ADP-RM1A to test SIMM 32-pin memory modules, adapter to read plcc-28 pla Cypress CY7C244JC

Stag PP39 MOS Programmer with Eprom & EEprom Module 39M100 + Microprocessor Module 39M200 ; adapter 68MR00 for MC68705U3/R3 read-out + 4MBit Memory expansion card

SMS Sprint Expert with TOP40DIP, TOP1PLC(plcc-84 max.) and TOP3PLC(plcc-20, plcc-28 and plcc-32rect) tops with ISA Card model S100

Adapter to read/program the 512 Bytes of EEPROM of Motorola (Freescale) MC68HC11A1P Microcontroller (DIP-48 package) with SMS Sprint Expert programmer & TOP1PLC top

Adapter between MC68HC11A1P (DIP-48) / MC68HC11A1FN (PLCC-52)

DATAIO Chiplab parallel port universal device programmer with 24 VAC transformer - Subd-25 M/M ribbon cable

Motorola MC68705P3 stand-alone reader/ programmer / copier Office du Kit - CH102 kit

PCB101 & PCB110 PIC16F84/ PIC16F628A, PIC12C508A Microchip Microcontrollers Serial EEPROMs serial programmer ; adapters for PIC16F873, PIC16F676 win98SE/Win XP

PICFLASH2 pic programmer from MikroElektronika - usb in system programmer with icd

USB Multilink Interface P&E MICRO freescale Enabled Rev.C 1.8V-5.0V for RS08-HCS08 HC(S)12(X)- Coldfire(r)V1 part #USB-ML-12E 68HC908DZ60 Jtag programmer


XESS Corp XS40 (c)1998 Xilinx XC4010XL(tm)PC84CMN parallel port programming card

ISA Card PLD Analyzer truth table for secured PALs read out : to display thruth table of 20-pin PAL Devices (works under MS-DOS / WIN98se with a QBasic program)

MC68HC11A1P dip-48 Cidfr cidncse caller-id decoder

MC68HC11A1FN plcc-52 Cidplus caller-id decoder

Intel 80C32-based Telecom interface
Melody card with MC68HC11E1FN microcontroller

Melody Card with ST62E25B6HWD / ST62T25C6 Microcontroller

MC6802 MC6821 Microcomputer Dice

PIC16F873A pulsadis decoder EJP

PIC16F676 pulsadis decoder EJP

ST62T20C6 based pulsadis decoder EDF EJP - Tempo


MC68HC908DZ60 LQFP-32/DIP32 ripple detector prototype

LQFP32 to DIL32 adapter

FM Radio with MC68HC811E2-based (mini-terminal board) Radio Data System (R.D.S.) decoder

FM Radio based on Philips TDA7010T

FM Radio Varicap diode TSM Kit

MC68HC811E2FN-based Tide Clock

6-digits led display clock (Atmel AT89C4051 and Dallas DS1307 real time clock)

Apple computer ImageWriter RS-232 dot-matrix printer (works with IBM PC (c.itoh)and Apple2 microcompter with super serial card)

Apple //e 64Kb microcomputer with 3 disk II floppy, mouse, paddle, & other hardware/software as eprom programmer cards

Hifi audio amplifier Electronic Speed Control Philips D5420

Isolated transformer

DVM890 Velleman multimeter

Philips FW352C cd tape rds radio amplifier + remote control

LEXAR 512Mb USB Key flashdrive WIN98SE operating system compatible using driver as below:


Diskonkey 250Mb USB Flash drive WIN98 compatible

Raspberry Pi 2

Minitel 1B RTIC BU3


Maxim Integrated DS89C450 microcontroller clock


Relais pulsadis heures creuses (Hc/Hp) EDF version J


CIF EPROM UV eraser kit





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: 31 janvier, 2021