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Nov.,14 2021
PCB for Exchange
pcb for exchange and gerber files


PCB for Exchange - Click on image to enlarge

Dip-48/plcc52 smd adapter for MC68HC11A1P and MC68HC11A1FN

Avail. PCB qty:9 - gerber files (27/09/2015)

Two-line Miniterminal pcb Rev 1 Avail. PCB qty:2

Two-line Miniterminal pcb Rev.4 Avail. PCB qty:8

PCB110 serial Microchip Pic programmer Avail. PCB qty:1

CH102 MC68705P3 reader kit Avail. PCB qty:3


gerber files (11/11/2021 3pcs pcbs available)

relais pulsadis EJP avec transformateur

Avail. PCB Qté : 1

SAC-201 ISA Card Avail PCB qty: 0 - gerber files you can download the Gerber and all information to assemble the SAC-201 ISA Card Courtesy Pascal Holdry (France)

copyright.txt - ISA SAC-201 (ZIP Archive - 523Kb)

(11/11/2021 1 pcb available)

hilo all-07 pod-diag40 pcb hilosystem_all-07_universal_programmer.htm#poddiag40

(11/11/2021 2 pcbs available)

Hilosystem ALL-03/07 ADP-PLS100 Adapter to program 82S100 / PLS100 with hilo programmer 120.htm#PLS100

(11/11/2021 only 1 pcb available)

LQFP32/DIP32 adapter



Altium Protel blank PCB with the footprint LQFP-32 - package footprint for this processor in Protel library

Avail.9 pcbs

détecteur pulsadis EJP avec affichage


Avail. qté 1

Detecteur EJP + aff.01 (.brd) Support BP (.brd)

horloge à marées


détecteur pulsadis EJP typgf1.bmp

relais pulsadis heures creuses (impulsions 11 et 12)


Avail. qté 1

adp-mach1 adapter for Hilo All-03 programmer

Détecteur EJP Boîtier prise de courant


SOP8-DIP8 adapter

SOP-20 Adapter

USB2LPT 1.7 Adapter v1.0


27C020 to 20-pin DIP PAL device for read out



hilosystem adapter to program Motorola MC68705P3, U3 and R3 NMOS Microcontrollers

gerber files

ADP-RM1A Adapter to test SIMM32 memory modules with Hilo All-03 and All-07 - not supported by ALL-11 programmer

Avail. : 2 pcs

gerber files

[   ] APic16c Implantation..> 03-Aug-2011 21:16     6k Adapter component to program 28-pin PIC16C5X and 18-pin PIC16 
[   ] APic16c cuivre.pdf      03-Aug-2011 21:16     9k Adapter solder side PIC16 
[   ] Apic16c schema.pdf      03-Aug-2011 21:16    47k Diagram adapter PIC16

Gerber files archive for ADP-PIC16 Adapter
[   ] A68HC705 Implantatio..> 03-Aug-2011 21:16 7k PCB component adapter to program MC68HC705C8
[   ] A68HC705 cuivre dess..> 03-Aug-2011 21:16 12k PCB solder side
[   ] A68HC705 cuivre dess..> 03-Aug-2011 21:16 14k PCB component side
[   ] A68HC705 schema.pdf 03-Aug-2011 21:16 68k diagram of adapter to program MC68HC705C8

Gerber files archive for ADP-68HC705 Adapter